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Well thank you and the rest of Senscape for having it on game jam even if I didn't get to put everything to make it feel somewhat complete.

Thank you very much. I'll try to fix the other errors too.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you. I uploaded my game with a terrible oversight, the flag that says the player can open the exit is always true so I could check the animation. When the jam is over, I'll fix that.

Sorry about that. I meant to make it that you open a door with the unsettling key but forgot I added the "cheat" I added to open the last door so I could test the animation. If you got the key and saw the ending then you could say you won.


*Sine wave effect (horizontal and vertical mode)- not the Wave effect but like waves along one line through the sprite (Thomas the animator left a request, I don't know if you understood or saw his last reply).

*Full rotation - not for simple sprites but would be good for layered sprites.

*Better control over when to simulate. When messing around with several layers with Break effects it can get quite laggy and it simulates each time we change something.

*Being able to clear/empty a layer.


*Hiding layers with Break can still cause lag, not too bad for me but maybe skipping the effect might help.

*I can still move the sliders or the sprite's origin when rendering. This actually gets rendered which can produce fun renderings like pulsating Tint on and off, moving the sprite around when using rotation, or puppeteering the sprite with the right mouse button. (Please don't remove this, I find it useful making certain animations).

Thank you very much for reading our suggestions and making nice gamedev tools.

Jumps, Shake, and Wobble X and Y have more movement in Pixel than in HD.

When using Break in HD, the shattered effect is sized in pixels thus coming out smaller.

Wave seems to also have wider waves in HD compared to Pixel mode.

I checked everything else and they seem okay. Keep up the fun tools!

Even though the pear mod is gone, is it possible to mod the overworld? Where's the best place to discuss this game and mods for this game?

Awesome, thanks for the quick response!

When you zoom in and out the pixels change size so it is hard to tell what will come out upon export.

Is there something I am missing?

Also there it is possible to lose the picture off the side because we can only drag on the picture.  Do you think you can add like a re-centering button?

Besides these things, your tool looks awesome. Really considering it.