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no desktop version? this is way too laggy to play in browser

Hey! Have you tried downloading it from the google play store yet? That should handle unpacking the APK and everything for you. There's a link at the top of this itch page, or just should redirect you there now.

Hey! Thanks for the offer, but I am actually done with this project.

I am just a single person working on this project myself. I'm sorry you had your expectations higher than what I was able to deliver. I'll read your suggestions if you'd like to post them but I probably am not going to make many large changes at this point

thank you!

Thanks for the feedback! Hero/dark/chaos/character Chao would require an entirely different sprite set for all of them, yeah. I tried to include many other ways to customize your Chao to make up for it though.

Balancing the halfpipe minigame was rough, because I personally had the same issue as you that it was too easy, but many people I had test found it too hard. I would rather have it be easy so anyone can enjoy it and people who are good at it can keep going than have it be hard so that not everyone can enjoy it. Keep trying to get further, if you play long enough you may find something special :)

I will look into adding a finish line to the races, that is something I could do pretty easily and I'm not sure why I didn't before.

Thank you!

Is there any way to pull the latest update date or version number or something from the api? I'm trying to get my game to auto check for updates. I've got as far as but I don't know really where to go from there after looking at the documentation. After looking into it a bit I saw someone say there's a that returns the latest version number or something I think but that doesn't seem to exist? Any help would be appreciated, thanks.