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BEACON community · Created a new topic Progress loss

Hiya guys,

Could we please please please have progresson save at the end of each level accept if you die of course. It gets kind of annoying that you loose level progression and found items/weapons everytime you exit the game!

Still enjoying the game after over 10 hours playing time btw, which says a lot for this uber cool if very hard at times game!!

I was also getting this bug, always after completing the first level.

Droid got stuck again :(

Thanks for the hint! I really like this game in fact I can't put it down!

I should mention that the boss seemed to get stuck when I was trying to suss it out. It activated the bottom post, I shot at the post until it went down, the droid moved a bit and looked like it got stuck. I gather this is not normal?

Is there a log file or something I could send in if it happens again?

BEACON community · Created a new topic Excavation droid

Basically how do you beat it! I got the 3 post things down but stuck on what to next, shooting it seems to do nothing?!