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Awesome! Just tried your game out and its pretty cool!

Gamemaker studio 2

I'm really not a sound designer, so I don't really know exactly how to do it. Basically all depends on how you layer the sounds. Sometimes just playing a pitched down gunshot with increased bass under everything adds some punch. I've mostly just learned from experimenting and really paying attention to how guns sound in games like Modern Warfare and Insurgency sandstorm.

Hey! You have full permission to use and modify them how you like. Also thanks, the gun sounds were made by me from smashing a bunch of different live gun sounds from various youtube videos.

Looks just like it!

Trust me you do NOT want this shit 

Free to use however you want!

Glad you like it! Sadly, this game isn't getting any more development

Hmm, what is your monitor resolution? 1920x1080?

That might be hard since its a PNG

Animating all the guns + all the hundreds of parts would take forever. And for a free little thing I don't really want to invest more time into it sorry

I cant do that sorry 

Thanks. I'll be updating the game soon with a truck load of new parts and cosmetics, while doing some small things to the zombies. Currently, this is just a tactical barbie game. Some day I might expand the scope of it and turn it into a proper game, but that would require me to basically remake it lol. The systems I have for parts and gun animations is super slow to use. I appreciate the critique

No, just sprites

Be my guest

Alright glad you got it lol

This pack wont be updated sorry 

It really is

Damn! Damn! D

Great to hear! Hope you enjoy!

Maybe download it in another browser? Some browsers antivirus stuff can be a little annoying when trying to play indie games

Sadly no. Maybe next time lol

You can't sorry its just for show

Yes it will also have an itch page

Maybe after im done with Rogue North

Thanks! I made them myself. They're really just a mash of lots of youtube gunrange-day type videos I've mixed in audacity


Thanks man

It works fine for me. Does it happen with more then one gun? Can you post the error message?

Post any and all feedback here

Apocalypse Gunsmith community · Created a new topic Bugs
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Post any bugs you find here

Known Bugs List:
  • Switching weapons while firing can cause crash,
  • Mouse on the center of the gun will cause it to spaz,
  • Heavy knockback sometimes throws zombies into the player for a frame, causing the player to take a hit,
  • Zombies can get stuck in walls, a lot
  • Zombies pathfinding can be wacky,
  • Bullets sometimes go straight through zombies without doing proper damage.

Thank you! Very kind

Yeah this isn't much of anything. I had cool ideas for it but at the time I didn't have nearly enough experience so I ended up coding myself into a corner and killing the future of the game quite quickly.  Ill very likely just make this free and forget about it since I've moved on

Thanks man!

Glad you liked it! The main reason why there isn't more involved "gameplay" is because the project was becoming more and more of a timesink, taking away from the development of my more important project. Most of the issues just came from a lack of experience (I backed myself into a code corner).  If I were to make a second one it would have better customization, UI, and absolutely have gameplay. But for now, I'm focused on my main project. Thanks for the suggestions!

Yep thats fine

Be my guest!

Glad you like my stuff but animating all 234 sprites would be an insane amount of work. Also, I haven't uploaded an image of them all to deter copying since it's not free like the old WW2 pack

You're welcome my dude

Yep. Dont know why I didnt do that in the first place. Thanks lol