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Apocalypse Gunsmith

Build the ultimate zombie killing loadout and then kill zombies! · By Mack

General feedback and suggestions Sticky

A topic by Mack created Jun 12, 2021 Views: 177 Replies: 7
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Post any and all feedback here

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i cant customize my weapons at all because the waves begin as soon as the previous one ends\

edit: nvm, i figured it out


Alright glad you got it lol

Its a good game with a good sense of progression due to the weapons being upgradable. Id say having mutations of the zombies would perhaps add content to a scale and through those mutations can be variants for bosses. That's a suggestion as this game is in alpha. This game looks great for an alpha.


Thanks. I'll be updating the game soon with a truck load of new parts and cosmetics, while doing some small things to the zombies. Currently, this is just a tactical barbie game. Some day I might expand the scope of it and turn it into a proper game, but that would require me to basically remake it lol. The systems I have for parts and gun animations is super slow to use. I appreciate the critique

Overall is good but maybe you can add some perk for the weapon like life steal, Bullet recovery, wall bang, and something else? 

Add CO-OP mode?

This game is cool, what engine was it made on?


Gamemaker studio 2