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r u kidding?

awesome asset art, thanx for sharing, here's what i have done in 2hrs with your asset

i can't purchase :2015 vat, what the hack is?

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thanx man, the valiant knight and flying demon are on my to-buy list ; ) keep doing your cool art

P.S. the shrooms 2

can you make a jump and fall animations please, i'm using this for the main character then he becoms the valiant knight,(can't spoiler what's in my mind : ) thanx

Thank you so much, great job

i bought this and animated containers,can you ad some other stuff like waterfalls and bridge with chains eg.(open,close)  animated ?

yes thanx, and can you expand the HUD for extra charge, i'll send you a pic on twitter how i want it to be,thanx again.

i just bought days ago and everything is perfect , i must ask you , can you make the background with the moon in separated layers ?


i need only the xbox buttons,is that possible?

u r right dude, if i pay i do what i want, else nosense paying

thanx man

thanx for this , really cool animations ,now i need other stuff,are you free for hire?

hi there,sorry if i'm asking too much,but i need wall jump animation,if it's possible and it's not urgent to me and two other things if you can make an exclusive character like juggernaut (how much will cost,if) and where can i find some assets matching the character style art,thanx in advance and sorry if i bored you with my questions.

very cool, already have an idea to start project and combine this with Valiant Knight but game can't be finished only with main character ,are you doing other stuff,like enemies pickUp's ect.? please let me know

,yes, thank you very much

thankx, are u considering push and pull animation,just asking right now i'm using the kick animation to move the crates. thanx again

i don't have the win emote,why?

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great work i like your assets i bought the jugernauts to this are great,can i ask for couple of animations please: climb and swimming i really need and i'm not good with those softwares,thanx