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it makes me sad to hear that youll be giving up on this project

I cant figure out what i need to do to get the last outfit i found leathers, rubber and naked for Bruce. For Alpha i got naked puphood and Rubber. Then for Chuck i have coach, naked and jock but i think there is one more that im missing that i cant figure out

I cant seem to play it on my browser?

I can see this being a game steam game with the workshop added to it

this looks and is great the ptc is very smooth

Would be cool to have this on steam. I wouldn't care if ii had to pay for it

Can you add in the next update when the player saves/saved the game that the star progess is also saved for the next time they load in to the saved file.

when is the next update for this game?

i hope this will get many future updates

Will there be more updates and game modes on this cute game

I hope this will get more updates

I hope this game gets more updates

I hope this game gets more updates

10/10 kink

Thats great to hear

I hope this game will get more updates 

im having difficulty trying to find the application

im looking forward to future updates

it looks great bit buggy but great. maybe in the future youi coul possibly collab with people and then have more sona options

Thats ok. I'm looking forward to the update :)

the game was fun just a bit on the shorter side of things

Its a fun game to play and looking forward for continuation of this title. The only thing I wish that possibly could be looked into is the safe file would carry over automatically onto the updated version of the game. By all means i do not mean it in a negative way and it won't stop me from playing but it's just my personal opinion.....Keep Up The Great Work!!!!!!!!

Its a great game game would love to play it again but would be updated so its playable on the browser do to the fact that adobe retired

I wish i could play this on the browser because adobe flash retired

for me the code 02/28 worked

I'm looking forward for further updates. Do wish that some of the other games by different developers on all sites. continue updating their games, stories or reuploading games from the past that people would like to play again when they've missed the chance to play them the first time.