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Grazie mille! Il gioco è piuttosto vecchiotto, ma sono contento ti sia piaciuto :)

Hi! The correct result should be -320 (with the minus sign), while your expression evaluates to 320. The correct expression in this case would be -6x54-(-3)-(-1); as you can see you can concatenate multiple minus signs to make them act as + signs. Hope this helps :)

Sure, no problem at all. 

Lavoro assurdo, complimenti! Effetti visivi e sonori eccezionali :D

Nice game! I loved the graphics :) I noticed that you can fill the inventory with scissors if you click more than once on the little star, I don't know if that is a bug or not.

Thank you, I appreciate it! 

Thank you :) 

thank you <3

Thank you very much, can't wait to see your game :)

Thank you :) 

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thank you very much, i hope you'll find it useful :)

Sure, no problem :D

Hahaha, non mi ero nemmeno accorto della data, rimani comunque il migliore, è bello vedere anche qualche tuo progetto un po'... Antiquato :D

Grande Francesco!

That's strange, it's probably a problem with the program I used. I'll check later, thank you very much! :D

Hi! These assets use only 4 colors: very dark green, dark green, green and light green. 

Thank you for the positive comment, I will probably make another assets pack very soon! Let me know if you make a game with theese assets! :D

Thank you 

I'm glad you liked it! This is one of my oldest games here on itch, If you want, try my newest games :D

ho fatto talmente tanti test su questo gioco che ormai ci sono abituato hahaha! mi fa piacere che il gioco ti sia piaciuto, ne sono molto felice :D

Grazie mille, sono felice ti sia piaciuto :D

Voi due messi insieme siete una cosa inarrestabile! Complimenti, progetto super interessante!

Gioco fantastico, niente bug e grafica spettacolare! Complimenti :D

Amazing! 5 stars for sure ;D

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This is amazing, i love the colors you used! :D                 5 stars 

I really enjoyed the game, the jumps were very funny! Good job, i'll give this five stars :)

Great game, I love the art and the music, but i think there should be a tutorial :)

Very cool game, amazing art, five stars for sure! :)

Grazie mille :D

Thank you! I appreciate it! :D


È stato bellissimo passare un po'di tempo con te in live, mi sono divertito un casino!

 Se vi piace creare videogiochi date un occhiata al canale di Samuele! 

If you like making games you should check out his YouTube channel :D

Yesterday i released some games assets (pixel art 16x16)  to create a rpg game!

The pack includes:

-Map tileset

-Decorations tileset

- 3 different animated characters 

Coins, HUD and more!

Thank you! :)

Amazing sprites! I love them

A Christmas game made in 4 days

Run, jump, collect presents and buy new skins!

A special pixel art assets pack with decoration, tiles, animated objects and a player!  [100% FREE]

You can use these sprites in your games without any restriction!

I will add more sprites to this pack in the future! :)

Grande Samu! bellissimo gioco!