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Yo Vatredox! It's me DanteDev from the Discord server. Seems it died? Add me on Discord! DanteDev#8853

We will see. People that paid will receive a steam key though.

You rly need to put this on Steam, it's too good!! Nice polish from the LD!

Hey! Sorry, I don't send more than one mail per day. You must be on several of my games newsletter. Today was a big release, thus the mailing on every newsletter was done. 

Hi, I saw your game with HonestDan and decided to give it a try. It is really complex and weird. There are clues that are a bit subjective and hard to understand. I don't know exactly what is the character's main struggle though I have a few theories. Some feedback:

-Your game reminds me to "Milk inside a bag of milk"

-Gameplay is pretty good, mechanics are tight and it feels good walking and investigating around

-Puzzle needs more story and there should be a direct message telling you something changes when you decide not to do things like "Don't fix the clock"

-You need somebody to proofread the english version! I am sure there're people willing to localize your game for free in Reddit as long as you put them on the credits!

-The music when you go to sleep is too happy. There are really good resources on the internet to use free music. Maybe try classical music or look for Creative Commons songs that you can use freely

-I think you can make a big version of this game without a crowdfunding, but I would charge for it and put this version as a demo or maybe tell its just a "prologue"

I may seem harsh, but I feel there's something here that has potential. Puzzles and complex themes are very cool and can have meaning and depth that other games lack.

I think you should start making another chapter and iterate with all the things you did great on this game which are:

-Base mechanics are perfect, you discover things and get different endings while discovering the story

-Simple graphics work very good.

-RPG Maker is a good way to show off your art (not the graphics, but your writing), specially when the main focus is the story and puzzle.

-The day-loop idea is very cool but I think you can expand on this a bit more

-I like the mystery. I like learning and theorizing what's wrong with the character

Keep making games! :D

Enjoy it! Any feedback is appreciated! The game is not going anywhere, so don't worry. This platform serves more for testing, we'll be going to Steam soon-ish as early release.


Hey Kennya, download the new APK (1.15), it should work better on your phone. If there's any screen that still looks weird just tell me!

Might take a while but I'll see what I can do. I think I'll show the recipe on the card itself since adding a new screen would be something too big and it'd require for me to add some extra tables to the database with testing and etc. Would force the player to keep one of each on each item tho. I'll see what I can do.

Thanks for the advice!

Its pretty good! Shame though that the battle part is badly cropped. I'm going to add your vid as a gameplay vid and in the future I'll see if I can add some of my own footage to a new vid and edit it accordingly. I'll add you the 15k gems!

You're right. I'll try these days to fix it or at least patch it up and maybe add black bars above and below to make it work!

A no comment gameplay is fine, dw! I'll let you know when I update the GUI of the game!

(2 edits)

Hey Kennya, wanted to ask if you'd be willing to make a short gameplay video for Smithy and upload it to youtube? I can give you 10 chests or 15.000 gems for it. Would you like to? Doesn't need to be edited or whatever, just you playing Smithy for a few minutes. No pressure tho :P

Ok, fixed! Unscheduled ranked matches will give 30 gems and 36 gems if you've got an item with Blezar's Prosperity (Great item for starters ;) )

Scheduled ranked matches will keep giving 150 gems (180 with Blezar).

Thanks for the heads up!

Gotta fix that. Ranked battles only give the gems on the scheduled fight which are once every 4 hours. You have to see the replay though. I'll fix so you don't see that number when doing an unscheduled fight of your own (or at least win something).

This means a lot. Thanks!

If in the future I were to translate it, I'll send you a PM to see if you're still interested. Unfortunately translating games on Unity is way harder than, say, a native Android app. But I'll think this through. Thanks a lot for the offer :D

Could you guess some of the in-game recipes?

I've got several accounts, but my last one is "Bigboot" in case you want to fight me :D

One last tip. You should check the Replays in the combat section and play the ranked daily battles. They give a nice amount of gems.

Not for the moment. Localization would take a very long time and since I'm alone on the project I'd prefer on focusing my time on supporting and maybe adding features. For now I'll see if I can fix the screen ratio thing.

Just to know, which language would you like?

Did you find the game fun?

Thanks for playing :D

Seems you've got a screen-ratio I didn't plan for. I'll check it out. If you've got any doubts about the game just ask!

I've uploaded a new version. Can you try it out? Remember to uninstall the current version of Smithy Wars from your phone and download the new Smithy Wars 1.14.apk

If the error persists, just tell me! I've added 1000 gems for your help for  your Kennya account for the trouble.

Thanks for your patience!

Ok I think I may have an  idea of what's happening. Could you confirm if your phone uses . or , as a decimal divider? like, one and a half you write it like this "1.5"? or like this "1,5"? I'll try to upload a build today with that bug fixed and try to think what else may be failing

Seems I'm having trouble reproducing your bug. I could create an account from zero and also login to an already existing account without problems.

Can you confirm that your phone has wifi?

Ok! Will check it out! Thanks!

Thanks for playing :D

Did not know of the advantages of uploading directly to itchio. I just sent a mail to see if they'd be so kind to increase the file size. I'll have to mind the size of my assets in the future though. Thanks for the heads up!

Huh, did not know itchio launcher. Legit first time I saw it. I'll check it out. Have you tried downloading the file manually? Thanks a lot! Game is still in diapers, but I am putting stuff in it monthly with all my spare time :P. Try with the file manually, extract it and tell me if you like it!

Edit: Its possible you can't download it because its not uploaded directly on itchio but on Google Drive since the game weighs 2gb and file size limit is 1gb. I'll see what I can do.

Thank you! Hope you try it out and join our Discord :D

Smithy Wars community · Created a new topic Recipes

If you want to add recipes you discover to aid fellow smithians feel free to post them here!

Smithy Wars community · Created a new topic Support

For help or technical support post here and I'll do my best to help!

Thanks for playing it!!! :D

Thanks a lot for playing :D Glad you liked it!!

I'd like to participate with this game!

Scifi, walking simulator. Received good praise, estimated gameplay time is 30 minutes.

Thanks in advance!

Dw. Thanks for answering! GL to you too!

hi! can i use this on my space game? is it comercially free to use? thanks in advace!

is this cc0? can i use it on my game? thanks in advance :D

liked it! original concept of a mario-like level but in FPS 3D.

Thanks :D Thanks for playing!!

Thanks! And thanks for playing :D

I liked it very much! Could use some dialogues! Rly good!

I liked it very much! Could use some dialogues! Rly good!

There is not! We received some screenshots of guys with humongous ships!