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She was saying that rob1221's games are amazing.

Nice :)

Really cool! Wonder what a "Komno" is by the way?

Not sure. But the names, I like 'em.

And by the way, I do like the fanart! The three OCs look very adorable! :)

It's fine though, thanks for the info. I see the download version now.

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Really cool platformer! By the way, when the breath bar down below reaches completely yellow, does that mean Puffinick is out of breath and cannot exhale to fly anymore?

I may not speak Turkish, but where can I download that game?

Naozaj super!

Really cool strategy game, although I'm not sure what a "magpie" is. 

Jumping Shell is already published. It is on Poki.

Fun platformer! Just wanted to let you know that rob1221 is making a new platformer (but I don't know when it'll be released and will either be on Itch or Poki). All I know for now is that it's about jumping midair that makes you smaller, dropping shells onto switches that deactivate lasers, fitting through tight spaces, etc.

Media posted by Robert Alvarez

Really cool! Isn't it like the original 7 second haircuts game (the one published in 2021)?

Doesn't that look like ATHF? I've seen that show before.

I may not have played this game yet, but what am I supposed to do?

What happens if I reach 30.00?

Really cool! My last best was 14.70.

Isn't it kind of similar to the other puzzle blocks game? Really cool as I said before. : )

Really cool, I enjoyed playing that puzzle game.

Really cool!

Another thing,  when I got my wish from the well,  I found this one button on the bottom right that says "report".  What happens when I hit "report"?

Hey Terry, how come some Flash games aren't playable anymore for now?

Really cool!

Pretty cool! I found out that if I press "O", the arrow buttons instantly pop up.

Really cool, although level 3 is a bit tricky. Cos whatever I do, I cannot work out the squirrels to the fruits.

I may not have played that yet, but how do I download it?

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Really cool though, does every row or column have to be solve with the exact same amount of the same number on the top and bottom (including the sides)? Cos I seem to be not working the (+) level out no matter what I do.

And I only had enough money to place down 1 register, 2 tables, and 4 chairs.

Pretty cool, but all I'm doing doesn't seem to be working out at all. My second total amount of money was $24.23, and when the coffee shop closed my total has slumped to $19.20. Is there anything that I missed for some reason? :(

Hey Terry, how do I reset all my progress in Dicey Dungeons so that I could play again? I downloaded it on Steam.

Really cool, though. What do cutleries look like?

Fun math puzzle game, but although level 2 is tough, I can't defeat the (-) enemies. Is there a way to defeat the (-)'s?

Really cool puzzle game!

Oh. Well, when I leave the game, it doesn't save.

I'm not sure what that means. Does it mean something like "same as me"?

Really cool plug game, I pretty much enjoyed it! But when I leave the game, my progress doesn't save . . .

What # level were you on when you found that glitch?

How do I restart?