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no there isn’t, also your English is fine.

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you too :)

I took “you’re not alone” a different way

a plants-versus-zombies style therapy game where you defend the conscience from bad thoughts, or the therapist has a ridiculously huge anime sword to fight off the harmful thoughts


sorry for the repeat, I thought you misunderstood what I said

no, I mean that “towering” means big, and “above all else” is just exaggerating that point.

thank you!!

it just means big. You’re reading into it too much

have ya ever heard of hyperbole?

Towering above all else. As soon as I read it, I had a bunch of fun ideas and knew it was the one for me. I feel like you’re not alone will probably win tho.

ahhhh ok. Well just don’t overwork yourself, and have a nice day

how do you unlock other characters/weapons?


fantastic game! can't believe you guys made this in 48 hours

very fun! noticed that you can't shoot when touching a wall tho. also got stuck in a wall and died

new best 1420

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new personal best 850

super cool! great concept, really pulled off the Nokia look

c r u n c h y

very fun, lots of crunchy sfx and cool music, nice upgrade system

AWESOME!!! lovely art and animation, cool music, great ending (no spoilers)

i like the part where he asks you if you've seen a chest do a backflip and i said no and he said "and you never will"

it reminds me a little bit of pokemon with the type advantages system

I'm playing your games for the first time since last summer and I just want to say this game is addictive and the song is a banger

AWESOME!!! love the rock-paper-scissors style combat, nice retro art style 

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new best 10615. the game started to lag pretty bad once i got to about 6k tho (EDIT: this post was made pre-balance update) 

new best 5265! love the new color pallet, its much more clear and easy to read.

6/6 (wow, special!) i wish the was more tho :/

love the music

fun and cute, but too easy :/


other than that its a great game

AAAAHHHHHHHH ITS SO HHHHAAAAAARRRRRDDDDD i wish it had an easy mode for idiots like me

reload lul


is have 15 level not 10

my computer think it a virus

why dont you charge money for this? i would gladly pay for a game this good.

so. dang. addictive. nice music too.