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This is a great resource! Thank you for putting that up!

Great job! This is a great idea!

I was drawn to this by the aesthetic but it's very useful for any roleplaying game!


Starships & Settlers expands on the ever growing set of rules that makes Brains & Brawn so interesting!

Thanks! Can't wait to playtest it!

It's also because of the Rock of Ages that the welcoming sign at the entrance of the metropolis is permanently on fire! In 1991, an anarchist wrote a song called "Paradise City Burning" and the monolith set the Paradise City sign ablaze

Well thank you! I put a lot of effort to make the game immersive, fun and simple to play! I sure hope it lives up to people's expectations!

The Definitive Edition won't be PWYW and will include more content!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Thank you for the nice review!

Thank you! It was really cool to watch my adventure being played in a stream! You guys nailed this!

Happy to read this! There are great news coming soon also!

Breathless is the game that got me into game creation!

It's simple, complete and has a very easy learning curve that allow a group to set up, create characters and play in the same gaming session!

If you want to bash zombies in a game where survival is as important as the apocalypse going on around you, well Breathless is the game!


After The Great Beast is a beautiful tribute to the world of Monster Hunter!

Being able to make your own weapon is a unique aspect to this game but I hope that in a future update we will have the chance to see more options for them and maybe armors as well.

Now I want to put on my scale armour, my Abyssal Gravedigger bone sword and go hunt down The Great Beast! Great job Jay!

Wow thanks for the comments! My goal was to hack This Is Breathless! while keeping the whole thing feeling organic, natural. I guess it's objective complete!

Up next: A character journal and maybe some more optional rules!

It's tense enough to give you a stroke! Ha ha ha! Thanks René-Pier! That's very kind of you! Please send feedbacks when you try this with your group!

Wow merci Kaiser Omnik! C'est en effet ce que je crois aussi! J'espère que tu auras bien du plaisir avec Crank It Up!

What happens when the kids sleep at night? The Otherworld opens up and dark creatures lurks ... Hopefully, their beloved toys are there to keep them from being harmed!

In The Otherworld, you play a toy that protects his kid from evil. Whimsical, well written and fantastic. There is a whole bedtime story feel to the book and the idea of playing a toy is fun!

Great job!

Critterforce 5 is what happen when movies such as Over The Hedge and Money Heist merge only, instead of money, we're dealing with food!

It's a wacky game involving a team of critters (skunks, squirrels, mole, racoon ...) attempting to steal food Mission Impossible style. Using their special sets of skills, talents (optional) and by going In The Zone, they plan and steal their food from humans (Ewwww humans!).

Gathering too much stress though can mean Going Feral so you have to be careful! Great game for a fun moment (even with young humans!).

This one is definitely a keeper!

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Thank you so much Groov! This is exactly where I wanted to bring Crank It Up!

You already know but i'll answer for the rest of the community!

I'm working solo on a This is Breathless game called Crank It Up based on the 2006 movie called Crank and its sequel Crank: High Voltage. Basically, you have to keep you adrenaline level as high as possible and in any possible way to keep yourself from dying.

The question is: Are you going to die as a f*cking loser or as a hero?

This is going to be a wild ride!