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hi lelkatz17,

The earth gem is in the second floor behind a locked room, just after the room where you fight an ogre.

Can't say more than what everybody's saying; but then again, some of the best things just aren't made for words ;) Honestly one of my best experience in this jam, short but powerful and sweet. Well done and well executed; makes me sad that I didn't manage to submit one.

Thanks, glad you liked it 😁

Regarding the chest and village, well... initially we had plan to add them, but dropped midway; so it's just left there as decorations. Maybe we will do something about them on future updates ;)

hi, I just added a downloadable version for windows.. hopefully that helps!

Hi adena,

Glad you enjoy the game. Though if your looking for the one on BEKRAF, I'd suggest you play the extended version instead ( ), as this one is an earlier version with no dungeon upgrade. Again, thanks for playing!

Hi Nitonise,

No Linux version yet, but I recommend you try the extended version ( ) -- it's browser based, so you should have no problem opening from Linux, plus it has updated graphics and gameplay. Hope you have fun!

Hi MANI, sorry for replying late; I've been pre-occupied with work lately. Unfortunately I have none, but I'm currently stil active in a game developer forum which I can patch your request to.. If you want to, you can send me some details of the game or what type of music your looking for through personal message (does has one BTW?) and some contact info and I'll post a request there.

hi Manny, really appriciate what you've done ☺ Would you test my other game instead? You can check my page and look for Oh No! Not Another RPG! Extended Version ( the newest one on the page), as it is a revamped version of this one and I would really like to hear feedbacks on that one. Many thanks in advance!

Dude, I remember you! You're the big guy who came at the second day! Thanks for coming to our booth and trying out our game, man; we'll be posting our game prime edition here sometime this month. Also your feedback was one of the most thoughful, we'll definitely put it to our consideration when improving the game. As for sequel, we're still going back forth on our next game idea, but the idea does come to mind. Lets see what we can come out later 😁

does this pack contains side view battler and facesets?

Thanks, we might just make that sequel! :D

Rafa also said thanks.

Thanks! Hahaha...looks like I made a typo when adding my paypal email. just fixed it. Thanks for the coffee!

I used RMMV, and choose deploy to web. Made some tweaks on the assets though, and used several plugin (mostly from

Have you tried zipping the content of www folder only? That's actually what I did.. So go inside the www folder, select everything and zip it; it should work.

that's strange, can you tell what's the error? I'll have a look at it.

Made some modifications to reduce load time... The game should run faster now. Have fun!

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it!