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You can play it if you install linux. Look up how to install linux on chromebooks. There are two options. One is crouton, which requires developer mode. The other is crostini which is in you settings under 'Linux Beta', let me know if you need help.

I think there is a way to create a server in the game. I did it before, but to be honest, I actually never played against anyone in-game.

Yes, very true. It looks like the creator gave up on it.

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I think this upload is missing the main files for the game. The original game is hosted on

The linux build is broken I believe. Try using the windows build on wine. I was able to run it on that.

Very cool game. A good take on a completely free and open Sonic the Hedgehog game!

Pretty cool demo! I'm impressed!

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You can actually run the windows version on Linux. Just install wine and the app. Then from app click on install and choose windows version. You can run it afterwards. Let me know if you still have trouble. I will try to help. Unfortunately, the Linux version might be a broken build.

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Yes, I noticed that too. I think its probably a bug in the Linux version I gather cause the Windows version runs

fine. You try wine or PlayOnLinux and see if that works. Edit: I found out wine/playonlinux gets around this. Try it out.

This is an awesome game. I noticed many fantasy console games are actually very good and not to mention have a retro look and feel that is consistent like an actual video game console back in the day.