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Wow... Just wow. Enjoyed every second of this gem!

Simply delightful. Managed 98% :D:D:D

Excellent combination of actual skill and pure slapstick. The later levels took some work, but this was easily fun enough to finish!

Bit too fast for me, but very nice concept :)

Simple, but still strangely engaging :)

The buzzes were just nice.

Wow, very nicely done and filled with content! I struggled a bit with the interface at first, but after I realized how to pick up stuff everything fell into place. 

The only thing that is still difficult is the mouse-based double enemy combat. And with health rapidly declining after a few deaths it felt like too much of a stumbling block.

Still, amazing how much you did with the little space. Congrats on a great game!

Nice and tight! Love what you did within the scope :)

This game is gorgeous in its simplicity. Amazing how much you conveyed with so little screenspace.


Awesome game mate :)
Solid game design, visuals and sound.

Made me want to get to the end!

Hey mate, nice game! The ball and ninja are a very nice visual representation for working with the beat :)

Most important next upgrade: diversity in rhythm/gameplay. 

Good luck!