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It is an honor to be second.

...or are you?


One of the game jam submissions of all time.


A pretty fun experience. Love the horde mode.

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Love the concept! Such a fun idea. And the retro presentation is nailed.

Game's pretty challenging. I kinda wish the paddle moved a little faster and that the ball started a little slower.

I enjoyed this.

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There was a fella in the game named the "Adam's Apple Picker."
This is how you get returning players, people.

Love the concept and the execution!

Nothing like a simple twist on an old classic.
I kinda wish there was an AI, but it's still fun to play against yourself or even with (gasp) a friend.

The presentation here is very good. I love the art and the music can be nice too. The premise is creative and enjoyable.

However, the controls just killed this one for me. Turning is so finnicky. The car doesn't give visual feedback on how hard you're turning until you've already started turning too far and the controls don't change based on the orientation of your car, often leaving you in a situation where you're pressing up to go down and left to go right. Which is a shame, since the rest of the design seems to be really solid.

Love this game.

I had a good bit of fun with the game.
I think it would be cool if there was an incentive for precision and accuracy. Something like a score multiplier for consecutive headshots.

Very cute and very fun.
The dialogue is witty and humorous.
Though, the game can get a bit repetitive on repeat playthroughs. Maybe randomization could help?
Still not fully sure how to proceed. You have crafted some real thinkers with these puzzles.
Fortunately, the games makes me want to come back and solve them, rather than give up.
Good job!

Very good! Perhaps my favorite of the jam so far.
Your story is very cute and even a little touching.
You really can't help but get attached to your little slime monster.
Music and visuals are great, the mechanics are well thought out, the gameplay loop is satisfying, it's a fun experience!

Really liking this one.
Your little Darwin player character is so cute and his grunts are very entertaining. There is still life in his old bones yet!
Your gameplay is pretty original. Gives me Ape Escape vibes. Lovely!
The art is crisp and bright, suiting the game well.
However, the controls are bit rough. Jumping gives me vertigo.
But still, a very fun and whimsical game! Good job.

Bonus points for the trumpet music.

I love the concept! You had one of more interesting spins on evolution here. I especially like how you can "devolve" too. And your little goblin boy is very cute.
I think tighter controls and more engaging level design would have gone long way towards elevating your experience, but I still had some fun.

Good base for a game, but I gotta agree with some of the other comments and say that it is just a bit too slow. I think the crucial problem is that there is a hard cap on how many prayer points you can produce at a time, regardless of materials. So you end up with hundreds of materials waiting around for the few more prayer points you need to get more stuff. Maybe it would be a good idea to have the option to immediately cash in the bar once it's full so you can start gaining prayer points fast.

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When you are making a funny monke game, the key is to be funny and to have a monke.
Your game is very successful on both fronts.

In all seriousness, the game is very enjoyable but has a few weaknesses. I think a tutorial could have helped as getting sense of the controls can be a bit bewildering at first. The camera is a bit wack at times and its controls aren't the most intuitive. The music and art are both very good though (love those monke noises) and I love the concept, especially the quote you put on the itch page.

I came for a funny monke game and you delivered!

You peaked at Getting Ogre It.

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Some people play Ocarina of Time and aspire to make beautiful games like it.
You played the Impossible Quiz and made this instead.

Really embodies that 2010's flash game energy. A good accomplishment.