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are you bored bro ? you just replied a 2 years old comment.

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Day 12 - 13

Polishing the game and now it all done… The game

Also we broke 500 view barrier XD

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The game have been completed. I achieved what i can’t do, but slowly it all comes together.

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Day 11 -

Just improving animation and adding the healing gamemode

The ui after you press start : Will be improved later

*Jump New Animation

*Fall Animation

Day 9 - 10 -

I just remake some animation and bug fixing nothing else been done. Because im Busy IRL So expect some slow progress

Scarf guys omg…

You seen that im not in the real game it just a testing area to minimize lag but the scarf will be added into the game

Day 8 -

This game progress will be slow as i have some work IRL So expect some slow devlog and slow progress.

Day 8 just making the animation work, and also added a button in main menu so you can change the character sprite if you dont like the stickman one…

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Got the character Animation + Model

Walking Animation

Running Animation

Jump Animation

Idle Animation

Dash State

Climb State

Atleast it better than the last charater…. Also the speed shown above are probably will be different in game.

Also i didn’t include the scarf it not worth it. but i could make it and be in the game…

Day 7 -

Basically in day 7, what im doing is just take a break and do some gamin. Nothing changed except i do a little experiment to get the scarf working but it didn’t work. so either i have to animate it or just dont use it at all. That would be tommorow problem…

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There something missing in my game i wonder what is it…..

You can make your game better too. Only if you dont just submit it after you done making it…

Day 6 -

Just Researching and learning new from internet, But i do add some little detail and one of them are “ Water dripping from the pipe “..

Just gotta add some little detail before i make another mode where you need to heal in order to stay alive.

I used construct for the game engine why ?

That a good way to get the character sprite. But i also probably can make it too, i like a simpler and clean character and that easy to make, so i could probably use my own sprite. Also Thanks for the suggestion.

I tried the gif but the result are the same, laggy. Thanks for the Suggestion. Yea i love the lighting too, even intel HD can handle that at around 30+fps…

Added sound and bringing life to the game. Also here some gameplay at 10fps average.

The red thing that follow the player are scarf, i add it in a cheap way to get the scarf effect XD. I also can do it on animation but i think it would be better and easy to do it with the game engine. i tried using the game engine but it just dropped my average fps to 3 so no i guess. Here the animation btw

Also that “could be” the main character.

Day 5 -

Not much changed To be honest i didn’t do any thing about the gameplay. just adding some sound.

The character sprite is my main problem, as i don’t have enough experience on that, it could be a stickman or even worse a block. But i will try my best to create a decent sprite.

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Got some working Lightning

if you can’t handle the smoothness of the video here I Could try add some FireFly for the ambient, but nope i don’t wanna to restart my laptop over 30 times again that it’s for now..

Yes i did change the silhouettes in every stages to be more different than other, also all 40 Level are done.

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Day 4 - Long story short, Restarted My Laptop Over 30 Times to get Lightning Work for the ambient. And my laptop just can’t handle it. But don’t be sad because i will try to add it in another way. Currently working on Graphic visual.. Completed: Level

Day 3 - Just Making Another Level note : there are 40 stage total, 24 stage done 16 more

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Changed Map Design + New level First Second Third Fourth Fifth Note : There are 12 Layer, Every Layer have 4 Level each. There will be an improvement in visual.

WHich one you guys prefer ? Style 1 Style 2

healing station ? THAT A GOOD IDEA !!!. and also all dirt with grass are climbable and the one that doesn’t have grass are not climbable. I will try to change you suggestion into a code be right back…

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Day 2 - Got some basic mechanic, etc The video are laggy Because my laptop can’t handle recording, but overall game is playable.<

I like that idea, but that will make the game boring at first. I will changed it a bit. If the player health is below certain number (ex. <50 ) then the player will have lower jump height & Slow speed. Which makes the platforming harder. Also thanks for the Suggestion.

did you read the text carefully ?. if you didn’t, try to read it carefully.

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Day 1 - You as player are going to hospital to look for your friend that currently on hospital, But on your way there, an earth quake happen and you fall deep. You doing platforming ( With some mechanic like dashing, wall climb, etc. ) But you also have to keep your health as it get worse and worse the longer you spend time ( because you just fall like 10 miles far ), so that where Healing introduce i like to have the player encourage to keep moving and using healing mechanic which is just an item that you can pick ( i will change it later when i have better idea ), and also i will have a different difficulty ( w/o using healing mechanic ). The platforming will be dynamic ( a vertical,horizontal,diagonal platforming ). The game will have little bit story and also a plot twist. Also the game will focused on momentum.

Yea i need Better UI, If i introduce concepts in a level it would be random. As if you die you will be introduced to different and random level.

Did you play the tutorial ?, The game mechanic are on there.

Yea i know about the tutorial and background, also I’m not that experienced about designing so that why it’s so simple i would try fix it later after the jam. Also about your game, it was an amazing experience.

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If you playing someone game make sure to rate it. My game

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Pretty sure your cursor are over the block, which you should not do it. As the tutorial say. Also there are spikes which not that visible ( i forgot to show the spike in the tutorial ) but if you touch the spike u died.

I added the web version.

Sorry i don’t know what happen but would you mind trying my other game and check if the same things happen.

I can download it. Try another browser, i think it would work.

It worked fine, You’ve been doing a great job I appreciate it. Wish you luck with this project.

Alright, ill be waiting.

Hey.. can you make the game support 32bit windows ?. It would be nice.