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Cool kill mechanics. Running around to pick up dropped ammo was a nice extra.

Am I a bad person for enjoying smashing the cute little potatos? ... dont answer that. Really quite fun, and the weight facts were a great touch!

Super creative! Definitely worth exploring further after the jam.

Yeah, that's a great idea! Even just having the phonetic spelling might make languages with different character sets more fun.

Thanks for playing!

Thanks! I used google translate, so there are probably lots of errors. 

Thanks for playing!

You get +1 point for hot potato, but -1 point for cold spaghetti. Good feedback, I should make that kind of thing more obvious in future.

Cool idea! By the way, the top of the screen was cut off when I played it.

Cute game! I love the power of friendship / our differences make us stronger theme. 

There is actually one choice that results in a new person arriving! So it would be easy to add some more in future.

Totally playable! Awesome productivity for such a short time period.

Really cool idea! I've never seen a typing game that incorporates the mouse as well, which makes it a totally different skillset. 

Currently an hour in, and have just breaked for dinner.  I’ve been using a mini whiteboard for notes/calculations, and thoughtful might be interesting! 


A puzzle that would be simple if you had time to think about it is a little trickier under pressure! Cool design!

You managed to incorporate so many of the challenge themes! One thing: it's very easy to accidentally combine a whole stack and have nothing left of that element. Good luck!

Cute! I like the floating island as a concept. 

Really cool concept! It was sad and quite beautiful.

Quite fun, despite being unfinished. I like the text only approach. 

Thanks! Hopefully I’ll be able to track down that issue after the jam finishes. 

Hello, thanks for the feedback. I did go slightly mad deciding on all the colour names, but I had a bit of help from name-that-color and encycolorpedia

If it’s not too much trouble, can I ask what device type and browser you’re using? I know it’s a cliche to say it but... it works on my machine!

I feel like I can't appreciate it properly without someone to play against, but the mechanics are cool!

Perfect balance of lovely and creepy!

Super creepy! I actually jumped when I finally found the monster!

Genuinely fun! The chain reaction mechanic made it interesting to play, and it looks nice too.

A full screen mode would make it even better though

Music and design worked together well to make a creepy experience :)

Talk about last minute! Nice job getting it in under pressure :)

I love this! It would be great to have a longer game with real languages as a learning tool. And the art is lovely :)

Such a creative mechanic! And a great take on the prompt! 

Yeah, my take on 'useless' was trying to do something that wasn't really useless, but that made you angry at the game... if that makes sense. I find multitasking really hard, so I wouldn't describe any of the levels as easy!

I think I hate this. Well done. 

Very useless, well done! The artstyle is cute. At times I wasn't sure what was needed to complete a level--maybe because of a delay between the correct action and the "next" button appearing? I can't be sure. 

I'm not really sure I understood... did I win?

Well done on your first game jam! I'm not really sure what it was meant to be simulating, but I appreciate the effort. 

This is so silly, and yet so amusing. Definitely fits the prompt very well!

People now get angry if you leave them waiting too long, and the building has a floor and ceiling. 

I'm getting sleepy and have work tomorrow, so I probably won't add anything else. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out!

Now with 3 unique levels

Tweaked! Hopefully makes a bit more sense now :)

Now with a timer and score :)