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Alright then, well I appreciate your work either way :)

These look insane for such a simple art style, but I was wondering if there are any more player character styles? Such as different body, or ones with hats

I really really like this asset pack, but something like a Survival pack would be cool, by that I mean trees, grass, and such :)

I love this, it's very nice and I'm using it for an upcoming game jam, I just want to get a bit a bit prepared and this is perfect :D

So I made my First Pixel Art and I wanted to share the Assets on for everyone to use if you guys want to!

It's some UI Pixel Art that I made using simple shapes, so hopefully you guys like the art!

Here's a Link:

This is my First ever pixel art, which means I have no prior experience in pixel art other than maybe deleting some pixels lol

Ohhh, thanks for explaining, I now understand Clearly what all of that meant. I didn't Understand from the main Page, that's why I made this Topic.

Thank you.

well yeah, but am I not forced to use Blacknd White only? Considering the theme?

bro the bat only spawns in me, like gah damn

So, I am unsure if I am allowed to use, instead of Pure Black / White, I could use Small changes, example:

Insted of Hex: #fffff, I'd use #fdfeff,

same diference with the Black Color: #000000, I'd use #020403

Color Differences:

What are all the animations this Software gives you?

ah okay! Good luck on your game;

That depends on you, if you have a Game engine such as Unity then use an Image Editor kind of thing and split images there.

Are all the buttons n' stuff Animate now, since 2 years ago lol

haha I couldn't wait to play it!

I enjoyed this little experience with my Controller especially. The keyboard controls I didn't exactly get them but the Controller, easy peasy, awesome game!

The game is fun but awkward to play because the controls are weird. You should focus on UX a bit, maybe get feedback on different control sets, also better support for keyboard & mouse would be nice. :)

Pretty cool game! I personally like these kind of games, though the UI does not fit the overall game art.

Nice game for your first release too!

Cool game, I personally like it, but I agree with Nexus, camera feels very Awkward.

Pretty Fun Little Experience!

The View does feel a little bit Awkward at times, especially in enclosed Areas.

Thank you!
I wish you good luck in your Journey!

Yea about that...

I usually beg to god to make a decent-ish story, that really isn't for me lmfao.

Also thanks for the Review, I really appreciate it!


Damn this is actually so well made, I really enjoyed playing this, though the music feels repetitive it's still very nice! +1

holy crap this is so impressive, imma consider buying this when I have the money, I actually need this so bad

I love the Art, even if I usually don't like that Anime Style (assuming this is it) I actually really loved this.

I like the dialouges and the story of the game quite a lot, found myself playing this for a good 20 minutes ish, I just had to go somewhere so I couldn't continue. :)

All that aside, I feel like the secret file is a bit easy to ahold of? (maybe just me)

Nice game overall.

Hey i'm down :)

I already checked out your game, I gotta say I really really like the art!

If you want to check mine aswell here's my game:

Thanks, I'll be sure to check it out later after school.

Also I think u meant 60 seconds instead of 60 minutes xd

I like the Idea of Fast Stamina Restoration, I will add it, along some Bug Fixes in the Next update, in around 30 mins I think

I actually do use FixedUpdate, I am just unsure why it does that.

If anyone has Linux and can try out the Game with that Platform, and if it has any bug such as not being able to Run.

Please tell me the Issue, would be Appreciated! :)