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Hands down the best game on the system imo.

I finally beat it! Some of the later levels are brutally difficult, to the point where I was questioning if they were actually possible. If this was released back in the day, it'd be all through those "hidden gems" videos on YouTube.

Fantastic Game

Increasing the levels of volume, bit-crusher etc. looks really tedious. Have you thought of using the crank for that and then have the d-pad for micro adjustments?

I have no idea why music tools became synonymous with art programs but I'm glad you're keeping the legacy alive. Keen to see what this turns into!

dialogue is amazing!

I had the same thing happen on GBC.

Yeah man, that's totally reasonable. Keep up the good work!

Super Cool app! Can't wait to get to know it.

Since you have the .cia, have you though of putting it on the Universal Updater/3DS Homebrew store?

God I love cute little sequencers like this

This needs an epilepsy warning on it

awesome submission. It's a novel mechanic but it works well

Quite meditative. Would be interesting to see it pursued further

little bit slow paced. There's a tendency to get stuck if you miss a jump because there's no way to go back

I'm getting an error. "UnityPlay.dll not found"

well polished for 50 hours! Fun!

love the doom-esque feel to combat. Incredible!!

glided of the end of the map. lol

2:54 that was tense!