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Instant Million

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Thanks! A longer teddy bear adventure is in the works and should be released some time next year.

These loops are great fun, I hope to find some use for them in my future game projects!

Just finished the game and liked it a lot! Great storytelling and clever puzzles. I've enjoyed the whole Rusty Lake series, but the stories seem to be getting even better all the time.

Thanks! A longer game has been in development for a while now, I hope to have it finished by the end of the year and available on Steam and everywhere.

Cool, my first Let's Play video ever!


Here's my first game, a 20-minute visual novel about living next door to a bodybuilding bear. It started as a practice run in trying to work out some game making mechanics with Ren'Py before starting on a longer project, but it turned into a nice, strange little game after all. Contains a lot of muscles and weird humor.