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GameJams are all about learning! We did some mistakes too and will do things better next time. Keep it up! 🙂

Great art and animation!

I unfortunately did not work out how to do anything. There is tutorial text something about a "4" but it disappears within 2 frames. 

Cool game! I liked it!

Cool idea, but is it completely random where the pohectile flies? Kinda hard to predict it's path.

Kinda hard to keep typing when the game changes targets. But it's fun for a couple minutes.

Cool design and interresting idea. But it broke my browser (edge) :D 

That's the spirit! 🍌

Thank you very much for the feedback! We went with the bars as a representation how much stuffed the characters are, since it's the easiest way.

We actually should have used two separate screens for gain and loss of the mood directly after the eating, so people understand better what's happening. But that's what feedback is for :)

Cool idea! Its really rare to see RTS-ish games made at game jams. Loved the look and feel!

The hands are indicating the characters. The dog is i the right, up goes Liam, left for Sarah and the Grandma is cutting the stuff :)

Thank you for the feedback! We talked about it internally during the planning phase and thought the hands should be enough to indicate who is who, but apparently a lot of people had trouble with it. I guess profile icons might be a good update for the future :)

Thanks! 🐶

Really cute game! Especially the voiceover! 

My favourite game of this jam!

Really great idea and game! Enjoyed it a lot!


thanks! :)

That's the spirit :D Thank you!

thank you :)

Yep, clear and visual feedback after the split is the only thing we were not able to implement in time. Thanks for testing and the feedback! 

Thank you! <3

Yeah, the food I a little too glitchy in some occasions. But thanks for testing and feedback! :)

We're glad you enjoyed it!

Thank you :)