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I think it would be good to integrate this Build 1946 patch into the game and upload a full 1946 version.

Ok I just noticed that you can indeed switch weapons before the shotgun is fully reloaded. What you can't do though is use the shotgun while the reload animation is happening. You have to wait until the animation is done before you can shoot again. Would be nice if you could use the gun again when at least two shells are loaded.

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Oh I was not talking about removing reloading completely. Just being able to use the current weapon or switch to another one. For example:

lets say we use the shotgun. This weapon holds 12 shells. When I shoot 12 times the gun is empty and the reload animation will start and I'll have to wait until all 12 shells are loaded into the weapon again. Only after that has happened I can either use the shotgun again or switch to another weapon.
What I was talking about it the ability to use your shotgun again when e.g. only two shells have been reloaded or switch to another weapon and when switching back to the shotgun again you would still have to load the remaining shells into the weapon to have it fully loaded again.

So it's more like interrupting the active reload animation of a weapon either through using the weapon or through weapon switching.

How about making weapon switching/firing during reloading another option you can toggle on or off?

FOV in this game is vertical. On a 16:9 aspect ratio a fov of 60 vertical is equal to a fov of 90 horizontal. I use to see what kind of fov I need.

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Thanks I'll give it a try.

Hey if you find better ways for a level to level transition and include them in the game I'm the last person to complain about it. :)
One transition I like for example is the one right before the final boss. At the end of E5M3 you see that tunnel that you have to enter and at the start of the final level E5MBOSS you start inside it. Both levels feel connected that way.

EDIT: Just checked out the beginning of E2M3 real quick to see how things feel with the powerup effect being off when activating it. I like it. You still notice when it's active due to the red aura embracing the character while the rest of the screen just stays normal. Much easier on the eyes (at least for me). Very nice to have this option included.

Maybe there could be some kind of red effect only on the borders of the screen that would indicate the effect of the powerup so that the rest of the screen still remains normal.

At some point I increased the fov to 110 and it felt good playing so I stuck with it to this day but don't ask me when I started using it and which game I was playing back then. It's been too long to remember. #OldFart

That Zortch-o-pedia looks nice already. Looking forward to seeing it added to the game in the future.

Btw I had another brain fart when it comes to the level transition from a boss room to the start of the next episode. How about in the boss room there is some kind of teleporter or slipgate (Quake/Startgate reference maybe?) which you use as the exit and then at the start of each new episode there is a teleporter or slipgate through which you enter the new level. That way you don't really need much explanation how you ended up in this new area.

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1. I just think a stylized health bar with the name of the boss would look better.
2. Had no idea an expansion is planned. Very excited already. :)
3. Sad face (but I think I get why this is working the way it is)
4. Nah I wouldn't be but for me at least it was the total opppsite: I overused/abused it.
5. Same as for 2.
6. I wouldn't call it weak. It's just that sometimes explosions etc. could be a bit louder when happening close to you. The sound effects in general sound nice.
7.  Yeah, I would like to hear
8. Well I guess I'll have to avoid using the powerup then for the most part. I really had to pause the game for a few minutes to rest my eyes after seeing red for a bit.
9. Hmm another way would be to extend the levels so the end of a boss level would be the start of the first level of the next episode. I  just think sometimes the transition between levels could be a bit more clear so it doesn't feel like just a bunch of levels and more like a real campaign. But that's just a "me" thing I guess.
10. Understood.
11. I use to calculate my fov. 78 vertical matches 110 horizontal on a 16:9 aspect ratio so that's what I always end up using.

Maybe once the expansion is out you could increase the price (just like all those devs do it with their Early Access games once all episodes are included).

Any particular reason to say no to other game stores like GOG and/or ZOOM-Platform or just not interested having your game there too?

Two more brain farts that just happened:

1. Right before you drop down into the final boss area there should be one last "?" floating around informing you that this is the final showdown and you're about to go 1v1 with the biggest Alien Brainsucker scammer of them all.
2. Would  it be possible to have some kind of in-game bestiary available so you could take a closer look at all those nice enemy models?

Zortch community · Created a new topic My feedback
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So I just finished the game on "Subjugator" difficulty and thought I'll share some stuff where I think this game could still improve. Not really much I have to list. For $5 this is absolutely well done stuff. Ok so here we go:

1. Boss health bars - I wish the boss health bars had a bit more visual style to it and would also include the boss names so I would know the names of them. So far I only know the name of the second boss because it was mentioned at the end of E2M3.

2. Boss fights - Imo some of the boss fights where a bit too easy. The third boss for example was not able to hurt me once on "Subjugator". Would be nice if some of the bosses (2nd, 3rd, final) had more attacks they could use against Zortch. Also after beating a boss it would be nice if the level transition wasn't automatic and you still had time to check the area for ammo etc. before moving on to the next episode (like you where able to do it after the E4 boss fight).

3. Reload cancel - It would be really nice if you where able to shoot your weapon or switch to another one during reloading. Right now you'll have to wait for the reload animation to be completely done before you can attack enemies again.

4. Pistol alt fire - Imo the alt fire shield should break after some time when being hit by many enemy projectiles so you can't just hide behind it forever and kinda cheat your way through the game.

5. Health and Armor - I think on higher difficulties the amount of health and armor pickups should be lower to increase the challenge. There was always so much stuff around the next corner that I never really felt like I was in danger.

6. Audio - I think the audio in general could need a bit more punch to it. Everything felt a bit muffled imo (especially things exploding). Enemies could need more noticeable sounds for teleporting around or when landing after jumping around. I got "jumpscared" a few times from an enemy landing behind me without making a sound and then attacking me.

7. OST - I think it wouldn't hurt if this OST had a few more tracks that would be a bit more fitting for bigger action parts in the game (e.g. the big arena fight in E4M1). Also every boss should have it's own unique music imo.

8. Berzerk powerup - I had a hard time using this powerup due to the screen going completely red. Looking at a fully red screen did actually hurt my eyes a bit. Maybe a different color or effect could be found for it.

9. Story text - It would be cool if the game had some little story text at the end of each episode (same style you did it at the end after defeating the final boss) that would show how you got from one area to the other. For example E2M1 starts you inside a little boat. But how did you get there from the boss room?

10. End screens - Imo the end screen of each level should also display the amount of enemies defeated in the level.

11. FOV slider/mouse sensitivity - For some reason you can't manually type in the value  you want to use for your FOV or mouse sensitivity. The FOV slider for example goes up from 70 to 75 and then to 80. If I would like to have my FOV on 78 then I could only get it done by editing the settings.conf file but not by moving the FOV slider in the options menu. Same for the mouse sensitivity slider. It would be cool if you could just double click on the number next to the slider and type in the value you want to use and/or have the slider move in +1/-1 steps.

I've not encountered any crashes, softlocks or places where I would fall through a map at all. The only time I got stuck was when an enemy pushed me against some stairs and I was suddenly trapped inside those. I don't remember the exact level anymore. Could have been in one of the E3 levels. Also I found out that when you have the flashlight active on the end screen of a boss fight you could still move it around with your mouse.

That's all I can think of for the moment. This game is really a hidden gem and imo underpriced. I've played games that ain't as good as this one but would cost at least $15–20. You should also put this game on GOG and ZOOM-Platform imo. More people need to experience what it's like to be scammed by Alien Brainsuckers.

It's always good to have all changelogs available on every store so people who haven't bought the game yet can easily see if it is actually up to date. The fact there's a changelog file inside the game folder is nice. Not many devs do that. This is very appreciated.

Zortch community · Created a new topic Missing devlogs

Just want to mention that the last three dev-/changelogs for Build 1917, Build 1930 and Build 1939  have not been posted here. You might want to change this so the dev-/changelogs are complete on both game stores where  Zortch can be purchased.

Have you checked if the values inside the "config.conf" file are set correctly? I'm playing the game with fps uncapped and vsync off and inside my config file the values look like this:


If they are different change them to these and see if that has any positive effect on your end.

See the title.

You're able to sort your "Free Games" and "Wishlist" lists by moving entries left and/or right but for whatever reason this sort option is not available for the "Things you own" and "Things you've rated" lists where it would also make a lot of sense.

Why is there no option for this? Or is there one and I just don't know where to find it?

How can I sort my purchased games and the list of games I've rated?

Sad to read this but ok. I can live with it. The game is still the biggest surprise of 2023.

See the title. Can this be done in some way (changing a config value or so)? I like my games looking sharp and crunchy and it would be very cool if there was a way to realize it.

Thanks for updating the game so quick after my post on Steam. As a reward I bought the game (yes, even at the +10 € higher price). I'm sure I'll have a lot of fun with this.

PS: Don't know why it's not there but you should put ONYX CLAD on Steam too so more people find out about that fun one as well.

It was updated a few days ago. There's also a new trailer for the update.

Wrought Flesh: The Purple Sands of Cumulun - Release Trailer

More updates later this year are also planned.

The latest update seems to have fixed it again and you where right: that heart icon for the shortcut looks cool.

Will there still be a version available when the game is fully released?

The game should come with its own game icon instead of a default Godot one imo. Something like this: