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Each freaking key is a quest of its own. EXCELLENT WORK!

You can use the map in a publication. If you can mention that it is made with the Vaarnish Cartographer by Bertholet somewhere I'd greatly appreciate it.

You can reach me at if you want to discuss about commission :)

Thanks again.

Thank you very much :)


GDemu does work! I've been using it to test the game for a while now.

Short but sweet! I love the combine/split mechanic. Thanks for sharing.

Loved it :) Thanks for those micro-games

This looks amazing! The gameplay looks pretty nice aswell. And does it works on real hardware?

I can't see anything on Linux Mint :(

Very interesting game. The topic and text are really intriguing. Like someone else says, the xray machine is a bit sloppy. You can also active it with spacebar/esc? And that really can really mess the whole thing.

Would defenitly test on linux :D I'll shoot you a mail!

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Very nice art style. The game works well and the basic, but very nice feature, (the light on the shack, the drilling, the snowmobile) bring everything together nicely. If the fishing mechanic was more complex/challenging, this could be a very nice game.

What about some sort of game loop where you need to eat the fish to survive? Sell to other resident? One of the best fishing game on the website.

Very nice :D

A chill ride.