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It somehow started working again after I booted the PC today. I don't even know if it was something I did (I tried to reinstall the game, run system updates, reinstall the graphics drivers, mess around with the screen configuration) or if the computer was just being temperamental. Thanks for the support anyway, it was probably the PC being shitty.

I'm having a problem with the launcher where after the Haunted PS1 logo, it just moves to a black screen and I can see nothing. Is there any way to troubleshoot?

It is not recognizing my strafing inputs (WASD) in any form. I will try later with the controller and give feedback. Nice aesthetic though.

I liked the art design a lot and the general feel of the game.

I'm just running into a problem of getting a feel for the hitboxes/hitdetection. Most of the times, I will swing right into a crowd, with the tool pretty much covering everyone (Scoop and Pan mainly) and none of them will be hit, while other times, I get some extra targets without really being aligned with them. It might be something with how the Unity engine works on my computer (It has some hiccups because of the old but very upgraded hardware) and it might be the source of those problems, but I would advise to create highlight on the front of the character (like a sort of crossairs) that allowed you to see where is the effective hitbox of the tool so you hit your targets consistently. Also, if it is processed by the physics engine, change that to fixed hitboxes, Unity has some hiccups when calculating hitboxes on the physics engine (I ran into some foods springing around the map when going up/down the sides of slopes or when they touched each other in the extremeties of upper plataforms).

But I would consider this a super interesting idea, and worth expanding upon. The game has a lot of potential and could become very fun party game in the future.