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Very cool idea, finished all levels in a row. Thanks!

njvrzm, I've been enjoying the discussion here, and I've just written a little solver for this puzzle. Now I'm curious if you consider this updated puzzle broken as well:

I've forgotten my 4 digit passcode!

Fortunately, I saved some hints on my phone. All the hints have a yes/no answer. I remember that if you know all the answers then you can determine the passcode.

The hints are:

  • Is the first digit smaller than the second digit? 
  • Is the second digit smaller than the third digit?
  • Is the third digit smaller than 4?
  • Is the first digit even? 
  • Is the fourth digit smaller than the sum of the first two digits?

Unfortunately, to access the answers to the hints, I need to log in to my phone with my passcode :(

(Notes: There's no information about redundancy of the hints. Also, this puzzle has a unique solution)

>Just from considering hint 5, we know that the sum of the first three digits must be 8: any other value leaves either no solution or multiple solutions. Knowing that, we can answer hints 2 and 3 any way except "no, no" and get a single solution each way.

I think this is where both our reasonings are "the other way round":  With this being a Constraint Satisfaction Problem without an a priori fixed set of constraints, you're instead treating this more like an iterative deduction based problem?

Also sorry if you've already stated that elsewhere and I didn't catch that, but what exactly is your actual problem with this puzzle?  I mean it clearly has a single unique solution (ie. exactly 1 set of answers that results in exactly 1 pin) which you can proof by just bruteforcing all permutations of pin numbers and answers.

I'm not sure I know what you're getting at because:

>But if the first digit is 3, the second must be 2


>So now we've fixed an answer set (no, no, yes, no, yes) that leaves us with exactly one pin number: five zero three nine.

This is not correct, because with (no, no, yes, no, yes) the pin 3039 would also be valid, so five zero three nine is not a unique solution.

(1 edit)

>Both satisfy the conditions of the puzzle

The winning condition is to have an answer set that implies a unique solution. Both of your suggested answer sets allow for multiple pin numbers:

Sbe  nafjre frg (0,0,1,0,1) lbhe fhttrfgrq fbyhgvba 5039 vf abg gur bayl bar: r.t. 3139 naq 3138 jbhyq nyfb or inyvq.

Fnzr sbe (0,1,0,0,1): 5219 vf abg gur bayl fbyhgvba, r.t. 3217, 3218 naq 3219 jbhyq nyfb jbex.

Very cool little puzzle, thanks Draknek!

Here's my absolutely rigorous, fiercely logical and not at all intuive walkthrough for those that need a hint (rot13):

Jr arrq gb svaq n frg bs nafjref gb gur svir dhrfgvbaf fb gung gurer rkvfgf rknpgyl bar 4-qvtvg qrpvzny ahzore gung fngvfsvrf gur nafjre frg, juvyr gurer zhfg or ab erqhaqnag dhrfgvbaf.

Jr pna vzzrqvngryl frr gung gur nafjre gb dhrfgvba 1 vf Ab orpnhfr bgurejvfr dhrfgvba 4 jbhyq or erqhaqnag.

Sebz urer, yrg'f vaghvgviryl znxr rqhpngrq nffhzcgvbaf naq gel gb nffvta nafjref fb gung rnpu nafjre unf znkvzhz "vzcnpg" naq guhf gvtugraf gur fbyhgvba fcnpr sbe gur qvtvgf gur zbfg:

Yrg'f svk gur frpbaq naq guveq qvtvg naq nffhzr gur nafjref gb dhrfgvbaf 2 naq 3 ner obgu "lrf".

Jr gura xabj gung gur fhz bs gur 2aq naq 3eq qvtvg vf 5. Sebz urer, jr nffhzr gung nafjre 5 vf nyfb "lrf", fb jr gura xabj gung qvtvg 4 arrqf gb or "ovt".

Fb gur dhrfgvba vf: pna jr svaq n qvtvg 1 gung jr nqq gb 5 naq fgvyy svaq n qvtvg 4 gung'f ovttre?

Gurer ner frireny, ohg vs jr nyfb nffhzr nafjre 4 vf "ab", gura qvtvg 1 zhfg ng yrnfg or 3 (vg pnaabg or rira, naq vg pnaabg or 1). Gura jr trg 3+2+3 < qvtvg 4, fb qvtvg 4 pna bayl or 9.

Fb abj jr'ir svkrq na nafjre frg (ab,lrf,lrf,ab,lrf) gung yrnirf hf jvgu  rknpgyl bar cva ahzore: guerr gjb guerr avar

I feel you :D.

Here's a little hint in ro13 in case you want to try again:

Lbh arrq gb trg n jbbqra obk va gur serr pryy orgjrra gur gjb fcvxr nernf.

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Fantastic little game with great mechanics. I'm only missing that one last bonus level :D

Or maybe it's a cookies thing. You could try allowing 3rd party cookies for this site and then restart. Worked for me.

What a sweet game!


Made a little "walkthrough" gif for those that are stuck :D

Now this is good stuff.

"Life Simulation"


You know me so well, increpare

I don't like roguelikes, but dang, this is a VERY nice idea well-executed.

Dude, really nice. I was wondering, "Why is there gravity in the name?" and then boom. Great work!

This is a really nice and challenging mechanic. Instantly understandable but with lots of intricate possibilities. Just make sure you have a smooth difficulty curve! And keep the levels small, because otherwise the solution space is just too big (imho). 
I'm looking very forward to the whole game, this looks really nice!

Wow. This is really cool, doesn't even feel like puzzlescript anymore with the smooth map scrolling and the music etc...Great job!! Can't wait to really dive into this.

This is great, awesome mechanics!

I'm wondering: is it possible to get stuck?

This was cool, Star Battle² !! Also I didn't know there was a puzzlescript fork with mouse support, neat!

(Minor nitpick: Maybe set a starting piece? Because now, because of parity, there are obviously two solutions) 

This was cute! Nice job, Stingby12!

The game shows up just like the other games so far?

Very cool Akari implementation!!

Here's the version of the puzzle:

Lol! Evil!! :D

This was great (and hard!!).

Ok, now I'm kinda bummed out. 

But the game's worth it :D



I haven't finished it yet, but this is really cool!
I'm getting major Stephen's Sausage Roll vibes because of the elephant's movement. Great stuff.

Congrats on the release!

whaaaaat!!!! yes please :D

Please consider releasing the game on itch also :)


This looks beautiful. Can't wait :)

I really enjoyed this game.  It even made my go back to finished all levels in the minimal amount of steps :) Good work!

LOVE this game.  It's so tight and space-constrained, and yet manages to offer very difficult puzzles that make you scratch your head. 

Any plan for Linux (Pipe Push Paradise has it :))

A-ma-zing. Jelly no Puzzle and Hanano 1 and 2 are among the cream of the crop of Puzzle games. The level design is brilliant.