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Nvm, the Steam installation just used the old save file. Thanks!

Thanks! I got the Steam key, and it seems to activate. Is there a way to transfer my progress from the offline app to the Steam-installed app? Is it just written in a registry key that is automatically recognized, so that I don't have to do anything?

CHEAP GOLF community · Created a new topic Steam key info

I apologize if this has already been asked, but since I've bought the game through this website, but early access hasn't ended on the Steam site, how do I (eventually) get the Steam key for the game? Do you just email all the purchasers?

BTW, love the game! It brought back lots of memories of my Atari 800 days, which I used to program in 6502 assembly language back in junior high school! The fonts, colors, and sounds are super nostalgic!