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Thanks for review! I'll consider to add something like "animation speed" setting

Thanks for great review!

About Heroes grouping: initially only 3 heroes was supported and enemies choose their target using "threat" mechanic (simular to WoW): each damage dealt convert into threat (tank have +50% mod by default, other heroes have -30%). When I add back line I decided do not touch this part because of time limit Added to my TODO list for future updates

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Minor update (0.4.5) with background music and improved drop rates. You can turn off music in settings. Will post gameplay video soon!

Edit: v 0.4.4 had one visual bug, so uploaded new one

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I finally found this forum, previous updates was posted on game's page

Edit: Trailer now available! Better to see it before reading all this text

So what is my game about?

It's about hiring heroes, managing their skills/equipment and going into portal for loot and experience.

So far I finished:

1) Menu, autosave for game, settings (currently only localization)

2) Heroes: there are 4 classes available - guardian, rogue, mage and cleric. For each class you have 6 slots of equipment, 3 skills and 4 talents to choose. Hint: click on skill or talent icon on hero details screen to see description.  Also you can give them any names you like!

3) Fight: portal leads to hostile lands, you can find 5 kinds of enemies + 2 bosses!

4) Party manager: before going into fight place you heroes. Currently placing affects only on order of attack

5) Portal power: each run through the portal will give different power to you (or to your enemies). With each combat turn portal is weakening, so try to beat enemies fast

6) Crafting: you can find different materials during your adventure: combine it into some unique equipment (9 craftin recipes available so far)

7) Bug report system: if the game will crash you will prompt to send email. This email contains information about crash location

Next plans for development (not for this jam, but later):

1) Some tutorial, or at least "?" sign, which would provide helpful information

2) More items to craft, more enemies to fight!

3) Final boss for forest location which drops Portal crystal. This crystal will open another world to explore.

4) Update graphics

I hope you will enjoy this game! Will happy to hear some feedback!

Link to the game (also some dev logs inside)

Crafting system incoming!

New icons for heroes!

Demo of current state:

1) List of heroes with items, different skills and talents

2) Party picker - assemble heroes into party

3) Combat - different skills to beat enemies. Portal power (top line with x/10 text) decrease with each round.

4) Combat result - pick up loot,  view experience earned