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They seem pretty straight forward for me, maybe if you could give me examples of effects you thought didn't make sense, I can fix it in the future

Thank you for taking my feedback so well, I hope the game evolves into what you expected it to be 

There are some things I'd like to point out here, first, the visuals of the game are very apealing (from my point of view) except for the game over screen, which, I think needs to be worked on a little...

Whatever I'mm about to say aims at improving this game and your game maker skill, in all modesty as a begginner myself, so please accept my criticism, also I can understand that you may have lacked of time during the jam, so feel free not to read my comment lmao.

But even though the combat system is pretty classic, I think it looks like it lacks a lot of features that are very important, for example there is no way to go back qfter chosing an action, there is no display of magic (which I think exists, given that I can't seem to cast a fire ball).

It would have been nice to have a small animation to indicate that the spell cannot be cast, or an animation of damage taking. Talking about animation, I think the pivot of your character's sprite was a little off, resulting is a weird way of turning back on the map.

An advice I will give you, is to inclute a little story telling in the game, in the start or as elements in the world, cuz I didn't really get why I was doing what I was doing until I read what was on the game's page, even for a jam, I think you should have gave a clue in the game.

one more thing : "turn-based rpg inspired by zelda" ? I haven't played all the zelda games but which one is turn_base ?

that's some real damn quality actually, I have no idea why this was so fun, but it was, I just feel like maling the polygon as big as possible is not a good idea, as it will inscrease the number of collisions... But I'm not sure about where exactly luck is involved here, is the color changing randomized ?

ok so I love the concept, it's fun and pretty challenging tbh... The other cats are supposed to be obstacles right, but sometimes it's just a little frustrating when they just drag you along for 3 seconds... maybe you should change that ?

Also it would make the game a lot more interesting if you added more stages of changed the order of the items to bring (and make the order matter, obviusly), and why not adding more items! 

It's a good game for a jam over all, I loved it, was fun ! 

Oh thanks a lot ;w; kind worlds feel good in the heart !

It actually was pretty tight, and I hope I'd have put more animations in the game...

this was fun, I'm both a sucker for level based games and challenging platformers so I guess I'm a little biased, but in all it was a fun experience, honnestly I like the instant restart after death, it prevents the player from getting frustrated over a useless cutscene or too long animation. 

Excellent work !

I apreciate the feedback, thanks a lot, I think I'll add a small dialogue line on the oponent's presentation (cuphead style), and a small cutscene in the beggining !

Pretty good ! I love the visuals of the game, and the random encounters, classic !  Also it's good to make it playable with mouse or keyboard, it attracts the attention of lazy people like me just trying to have a good time :')

 But I'm not sure if the game really has to be so dark, at times it's just bothering to not be sure what's in the room.

Overall it's a very interesting game! love it

Thanks for playing ! I also had tons of fun designing the characters ~ 

About the curse die problem, I dunno, it's a replica of the blessing one so their hit boxes are similar, imma check out the problem.

Thanks again for the feedback !

Oh thank you !

thanks a lot 

no prob' 

Nice game, it's simple and effective. The intro is cool and the art is accessible and clear! Mochi's a good boi lmao

thanks !

It's really not bad, if I may advise you, when making a platformer use a physics material 2d to set the friction of your character to 0, that way it won't get stuck to the sides of platforms when he misses a jump

t'is a good one, unexpectedely challenging (or maybe I'm just bad at this), the game can expand a lot with more items and obstacles !

This game is so cute :')

I like how the last level is designed (the fact that you don't see the door when you fall down the first time) 

The concept is cool, I think the simlple monochrome art is a good way of making the game actually look like a metaphor.Maybe it's just me, but the controlls felt a little heavy and hard to get acustom with.

My advice would be to give the character a grater initial speed and make him accelerate slower, also, the first jump conserves the horizontal speed but the double jump doesn't, thats a little weird too. 

Still not bad at all !

The idea is really good, I don't know if everyone will agree with this, but I love the fact that is is basically possible to finish the game with very few fights. A final boss fight would be great!

The visuals are good too

Thanks for the feedback, at some point I also felt like Unholly Bullet was harsh, but I wanted the curses to be a little more punishing than the blessings (the "minim murdrum" combo that can really save or doom your game)


c'est plutôt sympa, la DA est loin d’être repoussante, même si c'est dommage que le jeu soit si pauvre en son ! mais tu dois t’être fait rattraper par le temps, je comprends :')  

merci beaucoup :3 (j'ai voulu mettre un peu de challenge, et j'avais peur de desequilibre le tout, au final je pense que j'ai pu gerer .

ah oui j'avais pas vu ca comme ca XDD, j'aurais du en faire des differents oui :')

Y en avait en fait ... les totems en or géants indiquent que le boss est pas loin, et les petits indiquent qu'il faut trouver utiliser son pouvoir (j'avais pas le temps d'en faire des differents, sry) 

Content que tu ai aimé !

le jeu est drôlement bon ! En fait, j'ai juste l'impression que le jeu se veux très rapide et nerveux alors que la durée de vie des ennemies est juste frustrante :') 

mais dans l'ensemble, autant graphiquement que techniquement, c’était un énorme coup de nostalgie !! 

j'ajouterais les sons prochainement :3

Content que t'ai aimé ! Oui, une version plus complète avec de nouveau sptites pour les bosses peut être aussi sera posté. 

Merci encore :3 

j'aime bien, je trouve le concept intéressant, et le level design assez bien travaillé ! 

bravo ! 

Merci ! En fait pour le son et le fond j'ai eu de gros problèmes de temps perdant la jam du coup...

classe, perso j'ai accroché, une petite musique lugubre en fond et des effets sonores auraient étés les bienvenues, mais bon, c'est pas si grave (j’étais tellement satisfait quand j'ai fait spawn le petit gars) 

Sa manque un peu d'animation aussi, tout est un peu figé, mais c'est le genre de jeu que j’apprécie pou sa simplicité et sa richesse, wp UwU

beau taffe à l'animation et au doublage de la petite princesse :') , elle me fais un peu de peine quand je la rends triste.

il reste souvent des petits pixel nettoyable à l’écran, ça dérange un peu :c 

j'y cours :')

merci beaucoup, content que ca t'ai plus c:

ui le temps m'a beaucoup manqué :c mais je vais arranger ça Après la jam ! Merci 

btw, je pense que ce jeu a vraiment une chance de remporter la jam vu le nombre de trolls potentielles qui peuvent donner 5 étoiles partout XDDD

mais c'est complètement mérite, je me suis grave marré. 

je pense que ce jeu viens de détrôner Hollow Knight dans mon top des jeux de l'UNIVERS.

c'est drôlement cool! j'adore la petite musique en fond, et le concept de donner des formes différentes avec chacune des contrôles différents me plait beaucoup ! 

après, je trouve que la forme humaine là est un peu dure à prendre en main, mais bon, on s'y fait.