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When I first entered Club Cherri, I heard the music which was kinda hard to hear and had sounds of chainsaws and cars mixed in. But when I started a new save file, the music changed to a much clearer version with new instruments and no chainsaws or cars.

Is this intentional?


There should be an option to change from a moving background to a still image because sometimes I can't see half of the arrows because they blend in with the background.

The whole egg laying process is literally just a way to delete all the process you made up to that point and gain the powers of a literal fucking newborn.

First you need to have 14 tails, then you wiggle yourself and lay an egg, which removes about 2 tails, then you wait 5-8 seconds and the egg hatches, what do you get from the egg? You get a surprise, the relatively big worm you were controlling is now an AI, and you get to play as the newborn, erasing all of the progress you had achieved in that level, and making you weaker than a ladybug.

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The game softlocks when I try to play level 3, and after that it happens to the other levels as well. The game music starts and the background shows up but the notes don't and it stays like that.

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My A key doesn't work well or doesn't work at all most of the time so I had to switch to the inverted controls but I can't go right. How do I fix this?

Could you please release an update that makes the controls customizable?