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I like the concept and also the controls were good for a quick game jam game!

Very creative ^^

I like this game a lot. It's addicting and if yo only made this in the week of the jam, props to you.

It has something calming and beautiful just driving into the horizon, that is a cool idea with the procedural generation and it has a lot of potential.

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Is 23 Seconds okay? I hope it's a good score!

But seriously this idea has a lot of potential and if you expand it with more content, like more variation in design, levels and difficulty, it will have a higher replay value.

It was a fun experience and if you remove some of the bugs in your game, it would be pretty fun, i liked it!

And he deserved it!

I liked the atmosphere and 3d models of your game. Now if you just make the enemies a bit jumpscarier, it will be even more of a good horror vibe. Thanks for the game!

I really like this GameIdea! It's a completely new Chess-Experience.