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i emailed them 9 days ago and still no response and its still not there :[

why cant you play it?

the mouse sensitivity bar starts off at 0 for some reason i had the same problem you just need to move it up in the settings menu

i never did usually when steam keys are included in games they show up in the download menu but there wasnt one there wasnt one on the email receipt either :(

how do i download the game? when i click the download button it just takes me to the games steam page

heck yeah more rambles! \o/ first off how did you get electrocuted are you alright? second its really unfortunate that you didnt make it on the list for the jam out of all the games i had played for the jam yours was definitely one of my favorites, theres definitely some other great ones out there that i havent played yet though because holy cow there were so many submissions this year! i do really hope that for next years jam they either get more judges or at least have some sort of unified system that the games will be judged on to make sure that everyone has a chance because as you mentioned the way things were done this year didnt allow much room for the other categories to be celebrated like best ost if the whole ost isnt experienced then you cant really make a fair call on that. With the way things are done now it feels like alot of brilliant projects got overlooked so i really hope that things get better for next year. on the subject of RSD i never knew that was a thing and that there was like an actual name for it after reading that article i relate alot in ways that i wasnt expecting so i think i may actually have it too so thanks for that realization without it id probably just live the rest of my life without even knowing what was going on or thinking everyone's like that or something. big thaks for the rambles its always fun and interesting to hear you discuss things from the developers side of things.

this was so fun to play i wish there was more <3

heck yeah bonus rambles text edition \o/

i checked back on the site earlier this morning i was so happy to see that it had updated once i  got the aplication running and saw the screen i screamed out YES WE GOT THE RAMBLES (i think my neighbors heard me) because of how different the menu in game was i wasnt sure if we were gonna get rambles and bloopers wich was a little sad thankfully that wasn't the case :]

loved the story and music incredibly spooky me timbers are shivered 10/10 :3

I really like DD but its super sad that the other games don't really get the attention they deserve apartment no.9 and limbo line deserve way more love than they get they're so well done there were multiple times where I thought I had finally understood what was really going on and then i got hit with the narrative equivalent of a fast ball 

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funnily enough limbo line was the first game of yours that I had ever played and I loved it a lot all of the characters were so charming in their own ways (big props to the VA's for that) it stood out as really unique to me cause I'd never really played a visual novel with voice acting before.  id say probably that it tunnel vision and apartment no.9 are my top 3 favorites of your games but its hard to choose they're all really good :3

I had such a blast with this one the music is so good (simon says has no right to be as good as it is) the art is just so well drawn and the story was just perfect getting all the endings & cgs was really enjoyable 10/10 this one was definitely one of if not my favorite game of yours<3 i feel bad for sorbet though :(

\o/ i cant wait to play it seeing how close the timer was getting i was worried you might miss the deadline

I've been meaning to play this one ever since it came out and im so glad that i finally got around to it. I had a great time with it and alot of fun getting all the endings. I really liked the bloopers and rambles in the extras section its always fun to hear you talk about the development process and stuff. 

this was fun i died 14 times the ghost queen kicked my butt lol

thanks alot for your helpful advice hopefully ill be able to get a proper gaming laptop sometime soon :] 

uh yeah my laptop isn't that great so that's probably why. my GPUis a intel(R) UHD graphics 600 and my cpu is this intel(R) Celeron(R) N4000 CPU @1.10Ghz  that's what it says when i pull up the task manager

at the very top by the x it says "The UE-SexAtAlexanderplatz Game has crashed..."         and then in the middle it just says "Fatal error!" it doesn't show an error code or anything and it does that every time I try to run it :<{

really want to try this game but every time I try to run the application I get a fatal error :[

this was fun but i feel like we kinda missed out on a story in this part so i hope that gets developed more in part 3 as i was very interested in it. overall this part was fun though and i cant wait to play part 3

Just finished getting all of the current endings and i absolutely loved this game and i cant wait to get to play the other route.   your rambling in the extras menu was incredibly interesting to listen to (alot like listening to an actor or director talk about what it was like working on the film) blythes true nature was something that i actually didn't pick up on until i listened to what you said in the extras menu, Over my playthrough i never really figured it out but now it all makes sense (im not good with words so ill put it simply by saying all the puzzle pieces click together incredibly nicely with that last peice and i think blythe as a character was written really well.) 

this was super fun cant wait for part 2 :)

just finished the first chapter i love them and i cant wait to read more <3

not even halfway through season 1 but i am totally loving this so far the artstyle is super cute and the characters are written so well cant wait to read more <3

i love the old computer representation i only have my 12 year old slow af laptop so i cant play most games this manifesto was very nice :3

loved this game its super creepy a total 10/10 in my book reminds me a whole lot of the Watson Scott test but without the jumpscares which was the only thing i did not like about that game you nailed it I'm scared see you in 45 years i guess

very short but horrifying reminds me alot of iron lung in that sense 10/10

this was adorable

this was an interesting experience i myself related to yhe character a little more than i would like to admit

this was confusingly therapeutic 10/10

EXACTLY this made me think about coconut island