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Ben Lapid

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it’ll be just fine! The shaders will run beautifully on a card like that, enjoy.

Whoa man! Thanks so much for this. Lots of treats in here.

Hey thanks for taking the time to both play and record!

Happy to hear you enjoyed it.

Hey hey, thanks for playing! I enjoyed the commentary.

Yeah no prob!! Happy to hear you enjoyed it :)

V excited to finish this and share with you all.

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hey me too - I appreciate the rating thank you.

Thanks for giving this a shot, I enjoyed the let's play.

Heya, thanks so much for taking the time to both play and take notes! Much appreciated - I will fix the collision issues and release a new build this weekend.

Happy to hear you enjoyed the environment. I'm pumped to finally get this out there.

Makes me real happy to see that people are still playing this game! It was a fun project I did in two weekends. I'm working on new stuff similar to this.

Liked the game and want to talk about it? Join me on Discord:

Thanks for posting!! Working on something with a similar feeling here:

I appreciate the time you took to play and record! 💕

So happy to hear that, thank you

I pushed the update yesterday and included credits as well as a link to your bandcamp :)

Feel free to add me on Discord: benlap#6542

Happy to chat.

;) ;) ;)

Oh shoot, I thought I included credits in a readme; my bad. I can push an update that includes this. Your work is great and helps create the atmosphere in Otherside.

Yeah actually. I've been working on a few things here and there. One of these projects is a similar experience to Otherside.  

Hey thanks so much! Your work is great and as soon as I found the track I had an ah-ha moment and downloaded immediately.  🛸

So pretty, wish I could open the door and explore the rest of the city :)

*Slip slap slip slap slip slap*

ooo I’ll have to give Fugue a play, it looks great. Thank you so much for recording a full play through, going to share it with some pals. Glad you enjoyed :)

Hehe thanks!