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Thanks, Sean.

Ah, okay. That is sad.

Is there any chance that future updates where you can ask the  generator to generate the "next map over" with it remembering what was present at the edge of a map.

As others have said, if you can take late submissions. You are welcome to use

I have this from the Kickstarter. This scenario collection is arguably on of the very best 20s/30s era scenario books for Lovecraftian roleplaying of the last decade. 

You should absolutely get it and pay money for it!

Thank you for the kind words.

Very cool EP. Will have to have it ready to play next time I run The Blancmange & Thistle. 

This is a great addition to any dreamlands scenario.

I had the first one already, and they really make me want to run a Dreamlands adventure.

This is a work of art!

A solid follow up to Oneironauts. Together, they are making me want to run a dreamlands adventure.

Mmm if you happen to make any more of these, i will absolutely buy them.