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Benjamin Siskoo

A member registered Mar 20, 2020

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Really great works, it looks like a genesis game to me. Congrats for this game.

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Thanks a lot for your tutorial, it works. I can play now and going to make a video soon :) 

Hi, I would like to launch your game via WinUAE. I don't know how to do exactly. I have no problem with other games.Can you help me with ?

Hi, thanks for this game, I tested for the first time ZX spectrum emulation with your game :) Nice GFX, nice sound. Great work. Congratulations...

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Congrats for this old good retro game :) It's an awesome job. I made a quick gameplay :

Congrats :)

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Hi thanks for this game. I noticed some sound problem (depending of the emulator). Congrats guys for this amazing work :)

Here a gameplay with caprice forever 19.2. 

J'ai bien les sinopodes avec les coordonnées, quand je parle à Loon, sur cette écran elle me demande si' j'ai peur.

Je suis bloqué sur le chapitre 4, j'ai récupérer le collier et la pyramide, je parle à loon, elle me demande si j'ai peur, si je réponds moi pas peur, elle m'éjecte, si je dis peur, elle me dit que je suis pas courageux.