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Benjamin Brunet

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Controls :

Spacebar : Switch between Visit mode and Play Mode

Visit mode :

     A & D : To go around the path

     Mouse : To move the focus

Play Mode :      W : To move forward      A & D : To steer

thank you!

Hey! Wanted to join the discord before it started but the link is invalid.

Thank you immensly for your review! As a matter of fact I am currently working to try and make the third level. AKA the first level after what we call the tutorial, more challenging. I am tweaking a bit the reflectors as their simplicity make it hard to make nice puzzles. But I am working on making more engaging puzzles. I am also reworking how you can move the pillars themself to make it better. I will try to, as you noted, make it more apparent that we can interact with the light reflectors! Simply adding a prompt would be breaking a bit the immersion I feel as we tried to keep the required text to a minimum. But I am sure there are other ways to bring the player to interact with it!

Sorry for the liscence, I did put it in the actual build but forgot on the git. It is now on the github aswell

I think the idea is really interesting and have good potential! 

I love the message you passs inside this simple yet interesting game!

Good job, nice game for 48 hour!

Nice game, keep improving it and it could be really nice!

Nice game with impressive 3D art!

Nice game! really effective. The only thing is that a .zip would be nicer than a rar, but nothing gamebreaking :)

Nice and simple game!

Nice game, fun and original :)

Nice one, good test to know your ability to multitask xD

Collision have some problem, they will get fixed after the voting, that might be the weird thing. Thx for the reply!

Lot of the physics will get reworked once the jam voting is finished! Since I think it is one of teh only big flaw in the game. Thx for the reply!

Yeah, i wasnt able to nail down a precache system before the end so sadly it take a few second to load :/. Thx for the reply!

Thx for the reply, yeah that first platform will receive a changement to its collision box, like a lot of ennemies xD once the voting time is finished so its more fair

Thx for the comment!

Really like the game and concept and art, even thought the lag on the browser version, it is nice! And I get the lag of the browser one. I dint even done one because its complicated on unreal xD

Good Job!

Really like the concept, really fun and nice

Nice game!

Nice graphic and art, game is a bit buggy but nice in the end

The game as some really nice art, but ithink it would have been nice to have and click the target. Otherwise nice game!

I think the game has nice mechanics even thougth I didn't liked it but its more because it is not my style of game so I still rated good thinking it was nicely done or thought

The game as nice art and music but feel a bit underwhelming since you just get thrown without any context nor goal. It would be nice to maybe add a little cutscene at the beginning that explain the goal or the context? Either way it was still cool.

Yoo, the mechanics are erally nice and the animationa re good, music do a great job too. Just a really good game all around

Really nice! Simple yet fun.

Game is super ince, like everyone said maybe change the input of jump or attack, otherwise super fun concept

Concept original, fun and weird xD. The soudns are a bit aggressive i dont know if you can lower the volume i might just be blind, otherwise it was nice and fun!