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Ah. Of course!

Well you need the d12 to represent a direction, and 2d6 would tend towards 7 so that wouldn't work :)

Thanks for the feedback. Always good to get long-form  descriptions. 

As for discarding cards during a Hide action: it's unclear in the design but I'll clarify here:

Currently the Hide action says:

"Move 0”. Discard as many cards as you wish and then draw up to 3 cards."

It should say:

"Move 0”. Discard as many cards as you wish and then draw cards until you have 3 in your hand." (i.e. a hand size of 3).

And I love a good comment.

Amazing! So pleased. Our objective was to make a game that is immediately playable for those who dig the theme, so this is wonderful. :)

Great! I don't need minis to play! But I do need a hundred d6s... Hmm...

My personal favourite I've read so far and one I'm tempted to play [if I can get the d6s together :D] 

Thanks for sharing!

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Thanks! ofc there's always coop interaction & planning. But besides that umm... Well, other players can lure guards away using POIs. One player may have better cards than others so it's down to them to get the objectives. Some items could be added to help one another out. Wasn't a huge concern considering the focus of the game, though.

Thanks :) The cool minis from Spectre Ops know how to work it.

Yeah loads of potential! Powers to swap positions with guards, freeze them in place, move terrain or interact with some other 'threats' that we cut as well (cameras/dogs/traps). Glad you like the look of it :)