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Psychic AgentsView project page

A stealth miniatures game for 1-4 players for OPR Game Jam #4
Submitted by Benjambomb — 4 minutes, 59 seconds before the deadline
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Adherence to the Theme#33.8573.857

Ranked from 21 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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VERY ORIGINAL, this makes me WANT to play the game, I love the theme.

GREAT DESIGN, I want to build some terrain for it and have fun!

Adhere’s to the theme through different levels of detection, love it all, great job!


Amazing! So pleased. Our objective was to make a game that is immediately playable for those who dig the theme, so this is wonderful. :)


So this is a stealth game that's effectively either solo or co-op, which is fairly unique for this contest. The AI is pretty weak, and is the only use of a d12 in the rules. Some limited form of cascading chart might have served to refine the ai a bit more, and could allow the system to use only one type of die. A game like this will live or die on it's board layout, and a bit more advice on setting up the board probably wouldn't go amiss either. Contra to what Chase said, there are a couple of ways that players can interact with eachother, via revives, or manipulation of the guards. I'm not sure why players would ever want to discard cards as part of a hide action, since I'm not tracking any form of hand size. Do detections happen before or after guard movement, as this could color gameplay?

For the Jam theme the status system turns failure into a gradient, which is good, but the players have limited opportunities to interact with this mechanic, as they are at most able to correct mistakes and reduce guard status 4 times, assuming the dice give them the calm power every time they reach an objective. Psychic agents able to cloud the minds of guards is certainly original. Design wise, this game is leaning on a number of things that the design touches on only briefly, most notably the guard 'ai', and the board layout, both of which are going to massively color how this game plays out.

-Ayleczander this time.

Thanks for the feedback. Always good to get long-form  descriptions. 

As for discarding cards during a Hide action: it's unclear in the design but I'll clarify here:

Currently the Hide action says:

"Move 0”. Discard as many cards as you wish and then draw up to 3 cards."

It should say:

"Move 0”. Discard as many cards as you wish and then draw cards until you have 3 in your hand." (i.e. a hand size of 3).

I love a good heist.


And I love a good comment.


It looks rather fun, especially as a heist game. The only concern I have is that there's no real way for the players to interact with each other in multiplayer, so I don't really see the point. Maybe as a cooperative experience?


Developer (1 edit)

Thanks! ofc there's always coop interaction & planning. But besides that umm... Well, other players can lure guards away using POIs. One player may have better cards than others so it's down to them to get the objectives. Some items could be added to help one another out. Wasn't a huge concern considering the focus of the game, though.


Seems cool! Are there any other powers you had to cut to fit on that d6 table?


Yeah loads of potential! Powers to swap positions with guards, freeze them in place, move terrain or interact with some other 'threats' that we cut as well (cameras/dogs/traps). Glad you like the look of it :)

Submitted (1 edit)

The game asks the players to have a d12, couldn't you have added an additional six?


Well you need the d12 to represent a direction, and 2d6 would tend towards 7 so that wouldn't work :)


No, I meant an additional 6 powers.


Ah. Of course!

Nice play testing shots! 


Thanks :) The cool minis from Spectre Ops know how to work it.