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Radical Zapp

A member registered Nov 25, 2018

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The sound that you had, sounds very star ocean to me. I love how it sounds

The Game was really cool and I loved the how the game used the camera to see things that your eyes could not. I did a let's play of it. 

Thanks dude and yea It is a awesome game I have no ammo right now but i'll see to i do. haha that way i can make more videos of it. and awesome sorry I was having a hard time with your name at first haha.

I'm sorry about the late reply back but I think it might had been the recording maybe I didn't remember any sound stuttering at all but I might be wrong I will go back through my video and check 

love the game. I love the old PS1 everything those days was awesome and here is a video of my let's play

I really like this game it's a little confusing to me but I'm still getting there and here is the first video of my let's play. I hope you like it.

I enjoyed the I was fun and I had a hard time tying to figure what to do and stay alive but that makes it all the more fun, and here is a part 1 of my videos

if anyone wants to check out my let's play of it.

love the game it was great I can not wait for there to be a full release.