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Great work.

Hi Vincent, thanks for playing! Having some links that reveal more text within the same passage seems like a great idea for reducing the long lists of things to look at; I've seen that used effectively in a lot of the other entries so it would be good to try.

I can see the merit in reducing the number of separate passages, but I'll have to be careful since there is some secret stuff you can find if you fiddle with things in your inventory while you're looking at a certain object. This might be the source of your frustrations, so it's something I'll need to take a look at!

Thanks for your feedback!

This is well presented and has some good writing. It reminds me of that one game that you would find on the computers at school (this is a compliment, I promise!)

My one nitpick is that when you come back to a room you've already been to and solved, everything seems to have reverted back to before you went there. It would be nice if the game "remembered" what I've already done.

Thanks for sharing!

This is a neat little game. I would consider putting the text in a semi transparent box so that it's easier to read against the background image.

It seems like random chance whether you get caught or not, so there isn't very much strategy from the player's perspective. It took me quite a few runs to get to the end; including one run where I visited all the locations but still didn't have enough body parts to complete the experiment! This could be really fun with a few adjustments to the difficulty.

Thanks for sharing!

The presentation of this is amazing; as much as I liked it, it would be nice to be able to turn off some of the jittering. Some players may really be put off by this, so consider making it optional.

My main critique is this feels a lot like trial and error, and I don't think I would have the patience to find all the endings.

I really like the presentation of this, and I can see that this could be quite interesting and fun to play. Unfortunately I wasn't able to rest at the tavern because the UI covered up the option to stay at the tavern so I couldn't get any further :(

There's some really nice world building here, so I would be excited to try it once the UI issues are fixed.

Well written and paced; the way information is drip fed through the groundhog day mechanics was pretty cool.

This is neat, I liked the contemplative narrative voice.

Hey Blue Rook, thanks for your kind feedback!

This will ruin the spooks to know; but there's no underlying simulation. There's just a small chance you'll hear a randomly picked creepy sound in a PassageHeader. There are some passages which won't trigger the spooks, which are controlled through passage tags.

This is really fun and silly! I loved the rambling narrative voice and how you included the 4 elements of hip-hop into the vaudeevil bit.

Very well written and polished. The text effects and sound clips are really effective. Looking forward to seeing more!

Small nitpick: It may seem a bit obvious seeing as the story discusses eugenics, but I think it's still worth giving a content warning for discrimination and racism in the description for the game.

I really liked the puzzles where you have to reorder the memories, but I feel like it takes a while to get going. It would be nice if it felt like there were more choices along the way, at the moment there's a lot of exposition to get through before you get to do anything.

This is nicely written. The text that you mouse over to reveal more doesn't feel very intuitive, but I really liked the text you could click to cycle through different options. Maybe have more of the story be revealed through clickable elements so that the player/reader has more agency and can go at their own pace.

I think this is a neat concept. I did found it a bit frustrating on my first cycle when I didn't realise there were things I could collect and I wouldn't be able to go back until I went round the loop again.

Maybe a hub where you can go into different rooms rather than going around a fixed circuit would give the player a bit more agency and stop them from reading the same passages more than they need to.

I think this is a good idea and starting point for a project. I think if you had some more written descriptions of the walk we go on it would give some cohesion to the sounds and visuals. At the moment it feels a bit disjointed.

This is presented really nicely, and the explanations of the spreads are clear for newcomers.

I think it would be nice to have the card numbers in the "Explore the cards" section, so it's easier to look up the cards I just pulled; and maybe also a way to flick between the spread you just drew and and the explore page.

I think I might be coming back to this to pass the time :)

This is really charming and fun. The ending caught me right in the feels.

One teeny-tiny note.... maybe add some zydeco music? :P

This is a really well put together story. It reminded me a little of Acceptance, which was also great.

Hi ghostchibi, thanks for taking a look at my game! I agree there is too much stuff to click on right now; I'm hoping when this is finished it will serve to give some red herrings to look at so you can't find the correct path by clicking blindly, but much more of the house will become functional as I add stuff.

There is a second "ending" to the game (it's not completely finished so it's a little abrupt). You need to use your knowledge from your first playthrough to find another path ;)

Thank you for your feedback! I'll look into trimming some of the (gratuitously icky) fat so players aren't walking round in circles so much :) 

Hey Wormwood, thanks for taking a look at my game! You were totally right about me just copying the teaser demo as practice, so I've updated the game's description accordingly :)

By the way, there is more to discover on the second playthrough, but it's not totally finished yet so it ends kinda abruptly!

Thank you so much for your feedback, it's been really helpful watching someone play.

Nice; I got a bit of a "Secret of Monkey Island" vibe from this.