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seems like an bug lol there are no releases currently

yes, in fact gameplay will revolve quite a lot around NPCs in villages. at the outset there isn’t going to be a huge variety between them besides which types of NPCs populate them, which im hoping will encourage exploration.

sorry, but it wont be available to play for a while. still a work in progress!

I agree the game is not well designed. it was a very early project and I had a lot less experience with design things like balance, accessibility, intuitive mechanics, and just generally user experience. that’s why it’s up here for free!

if you’d like to see a similar concept being executed in a (hopefully) much better way, check out my project Demon Island

thanks! and getting it to run in Wine might be tough… lmk if u get it working.

okay, i think i uploaded the right source this time. lmk if u run into any more issues

oh crap. yeah i mustve uploaded my broken gamemaker studio port instead of the original GM8 source. ill try to find the GM8 version

sweet! good luck! and if you do manage to get it working, feel free to post a link in a comment to the build and i’ll add it to the page.

idk if that’s even possible to be honest… Erth was made in good ol GameMaker 8, which may not support linux builds. if you’re up for it you can grab the source code (link in the desc) and gamemaker 8 and give it a shot!

hey, that’s a good idea! i’ll make a kofi real quick :)

that’s a good idea, i’ll probably do that although idk how many people want to comb through terrible gamemaker 8 scripts lol

thanks dude!!

thanks for the kind comments!! im glad my little project gave you some inspiration. as for starting out making games, i think one of the best places to start out nowadays is Godot. its a free and open source game engine with its own scripting language and editor. its pretty accessible and there are a good few resources on getting started. u can really get up and going with it fast. it has some quirks but overall i think its really great, check it out if u get a chance!

hey dude i made this in gamemaker 8 when i was like 16 yrs old idk what to tell u ¯_(ツ)_/¯

It’ll probably be at least a year before a playable first build (I work on this game as a hobby :) )

while im not continuing development on this project, i am currently working on what you could consider its spiritual successor: Demon Island. Demon Island will take a lot of the ideas i thought worked well in Erth and refine them. check it out!

lol it’s been dead for ages, I made this in highschool. finally realized I should probably make that clear

always down for more jazz dude! you’re right about the art, im definitely planning on giving it a makeover. that game looks really sick, ill have to check it out.

dang no i’ve never heard of it! i did take a look just now and i can definitely see the similarities. ill probably pick it up and play it. im sure it will be a great source of inspiration

thanks!! im glad you enjoyed it

good! 😈

I get very poor performance now whereas a month or two ago the performance was fine. I kinda figured it had something to do with these errors but I guess maybe not?

There seems to be one or two OpenGL errors…

(Latest Firefox on Ubuntu, NVIDIA graphics)

you can fullscreen the game with F5

Yes, it currently only supports a restricted ruleset that includes GoL. This ruleset being, specifically, 2-state totalistic automata using the Moore neighborhood. I am planning on adding the capability for multi-state totalistic, and eventually, non-totalistic rules. The rule representation does get complicated, though, so it'll take some time (keep in mind I have to represent the rule in a way that can be passed as a texture to a GLSL frag shader).

You can read more about the ruleset in my blog post. You can also follow this project to get a notification when it is updated, if you like. :)

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Hi all! I've made a neat little cellular automata simulator that runs in the browser. If you don't know what "cellular automata" means, you might still recognize this:

Conway's Game of Life

Conway's Game of Life

That's a cellular automaton! Simply put, it's a space filled with cells, which have states, that are all governed by the same rule. In my simulator, you can explore these rules by creating random ones, mutating preset rules, or even making up your own from scratch! I've already found about a dozen interesting rules, but I would love some help finding more! There are exactly 262,144 possible rules, so there's quite a lot to investigate. Make sure to copy the rule number in the bottom-left corner of the screen if you find something interesting!

One of many "generator"-type rules

You can play with it here.  It runs nice and fast, as the entire simulation code is contained within a WebGL fragment shader. The rules (of which Game of Life is a member) are specified by a string of bits that is passed to the shader as a texture. A double framebuffer is also used to allow the simulation to advance in time. This allows arbitrary rules to be specified at runtime.

A more random-looking generator

If you want a more in-depth explanation of the rule format and how it all works, I've written a blog post about it here.

oof yeah windows 8... try compatibility mode? can't really help beyond that, windows 8 is a terrible operating system, good luck

Make sure you are running it out of a user directory, like in Downloads or Documents. If that doesn't work, try running it with admin privileges.

yeah that's a totally fair critique and i agree with 100% of what you've written

im sorry you had a bad experience, i really have no excuses

if im gonna be totally honest i have no idea. ignore it and see what happens! i take no responsibility for the safety of your save file, though.

im pretty sure there is a map item you can find

You need four wood wall / cobblestone wall to make an axe.

im actually not sure, but there might be an item that can teleport you home. for sand, explore a bunch and you'll find a desert area eventually. Good luck!

probably not, sorry!

You need to make wooden walls to make wooden tools. Very intuitive, I know :)

You should be able to break placed items like the workbench with a hammer.

Definitely not a stupid question! These are bushes:

You have to leave the starting village to break them.

Antivirus software, especially when not bundled with your operating system (such as Windows Defender) is notorious for false positives. If you want some assurance that my game isn't a virus, the fact that there are other commenters here, who have apparently enjoyed the game, can probably give you some indication that the game is not, in fact, a virus. If you want more proof than that, I'm afraid I can't help you. Honestly, these days, having extra anti virus software on Windows isn't worth it. Windows Defender does a good enough job. Just my opinion, though.