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Loved Everything about it! It's just so good!

The Pleasure is all mine...

thanks, but to be honest, I really liked the story, and pacing of the game. The time shifting mechanic is also very interesting and nicely implemented,  coupled with astonishingly good low poly cutscenes. 

Not too challenging, 

Excellent!  The game follows every warning it gives you and creates a spooky, tense atmosphere, every other bit of criticism I have for this game is in video, which include only how lighting and props are set up...

I would consider myself more lucky if I was able to participate in the jam, but I had exams...

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Really nice concept with really cool sprite implementation!  This has lots of potential...

This is my first voiced video, so please check it out. I also know that I had the fan running in the  background 

I wanted to participate for the jam, but couldn't because I had exams...

My channel was hacked, all videos were deleted...

IDK,  but people can also watch other people's content and get ideas...  So you might just watch mark or Jack and get the idea of making your own videos

First reply to the first reply to the first reply to the first reply :)

I will stop uploading for the time being, I will upload again about 6th March. (also subscribe to my channel! )

Only through Godot can you make such a polished game in less than 20 hours...

markiplier and jackscepticeye also do that...

Really Nice...

I... Can't... Beat.... It!

Quite good, just confirms all my theories of the universe 

Really humorous game, I like it...

I also found a strange bug, which allowed me to jump from the surrounding island to the main rotating hill, and you can easily spam-jump up the hill, and deliver the fish... 

*Laughing in tea*

Does everything it sets out to do, I felt especially calm after playing it.

guns need to be reloaded? I'll update the comment if I like the implementation.

Yeah,  it almost killed me looking at that spider like thing crawling under the garage door. But the actual supernatural being was much less scary 

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Can we export prototype levels made entirely out of csg nodes?

Really great work guys!  Keep it up!  Though I'd love a mouse sensitivity option too...

The way the game builds up tension is just phenomenal...  I even died in an earlier level because I was genuinely scared. 

Really  liked it. Also please make sure  to my channel.

Yeah, I still don't know how to fix the bug 

Really good  game, though the controls were a bit awkward for me. I think you nailed the style you were going for.

Amazing game, the stretchy hands to the fast movement to stealing food, it just feels original to the core.

I love the game and also like how the developer responded to my video! BTW beautiful music!

Almost gave me a heart attack the first time I played it. This is the second time's recording 

I made a video, it's a really inspiring game

Thank you for these amazing sprites! Also, come check me out on YouTube by the name Being A True Gamer...

This is the original if anyone needs to know what the original game is. 

Hello, Alternate universe!

Yeah, that could be a reason