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hi, can you remove the game 'spider boi' off the thingo... it wont open the itch page at all. So i have created a new page to submit. Please

you did it!

ONION community · Created a new topic Hmmm,

art could have been better

game could have had more features

loved the song

nice ;)

check out mine?

Smooth gameplay is all you need...

Alright, first off...

Where are the GOTY Awards at!

This game is innovative and plays really smoothly, if you touched up on the generation of the drones (They clump in large piles after about round 25+) added multiplayer support and a story driven campaign. This game would be amazing! So far i found no loopholes or glitches to survive longer than needed. The only thing was the snipers nest map where you could hide in the room in the middle and regen health by rewinding on the inside without the drones touching you (if you had that certain perk). If you want, from game dev to game dev i could collab and help write a story or assist with multiplayer. I have a funny feeling that if you released this on steam it would be a hit...

Game Dev Beenii signing out!

nice game

You'll have to compete with me as well!!! I am currently working on an open-world racing game, idc if it takes me years to make as long as it it good. Good luck to your ventures.

Unreal Racing community · Created a new topic Feedback

Well, overall. 9/10

IMO, if you make it open-world with the same graphics, add a few more cars to the game. Work on the engine sounds. The physics on the items seem alright, i don't even need to play the game to say that it looks quite touchy to drive, so work on the sensitivity. If you follow these steps and make it as large as Forza Horizon. You've got a nice game!

I have a quick question and comment...

Comment: Never stop developing this game! Some things i would like to see... perhaps a player driven economy like selling swords and stuff. Imagine if this game turned out like Mordhau...

Question: Will you release it on steam... This might cause a surge in popularity or port it to consoles. IMO i would list it as $9.