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Sure. Done. Shame MPAGD doesn't list the font names.

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The tune is actually the song Senbonzakura by Hatsune Miku, shortened, mixed around a tiny bit and slowed down. That's my daft sense of humour coming in to play, and the fact I don't have any musical talent/knowledge.

So while I'm fine in you using my mix of the song, be aware I didn't write it 😊

Thanks for the video!

Thanks for the video. Glad you liked it.

Yeah CC0. Use it however you like. 

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That was a really good idea and it really looks the part in implementation! Really you want to be keeping your sprites to 8x8 (or a multiplication of that) anyway for authenticity's sake, so this seems like a great solution to it without diving into shaders.

Nicely done!

Look! A video! Cor, what a lovely game!

v0.0.0.3 changes

  • New level - Compartments
  • New obstacle - arrows that push you in the direction they're facing.
  • Health pick ups - regain a lost heart (or extra points if you're already full)
  • Tutorial speech bubbles now repeatable
  • Control change - num pad no longer used. Jump/action now on Z/X keys. No change to gamepad controls.
  • You're now alerted to the exit opening.
  • Colour coded switches to make it clear what they open.
  • Fixed a bug with the wipe to black at the start/end of every level
  • Made the climbing bugs more likely to change direction before hitting a solid object.

Known issues: 

  • Water displays over GUI in "Ups and Down" level
  • It's possible to get stuck in a position where you can't complete "There And Back Again" (whoops)
  • If the "climbing bug" can't move in any direction it crashes the game. 
  • SPID's bullets can travel through doors.
SPID community · Created a new topic Change log

v0.0.0.2 changes

  • Control change - keyboard numpad is no longer used. Now it's Z and X on keyboard.
  • You can no longer bring up the pause menu when SPID is dead.
  • You can no longer shoot worms off the platforms (which was making them float)
  • Fixed water that was clipping through the tilemap on level 01, making it look all funky.
  • Enemies no longer animate when stunned.
  • Timer no longer counts down when dead (which was a problem if it expired when dead).


First release.

The controls are as follows:

M - Mow