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thanks perfect <3

thanks! i tried to buy it 2 times... But I always get an error: We had an issue processing your payment! May you can check your paypal account? Cause I bought also a game on today with paypal, and that worked :) Thanks for your help!

This is amazing! I work on a gunsmoke clon and I will buy use this package. How can I credit you, when I use my project commercialy? Just credits to Retro.Asobi?

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Hi there :) Thanks for your comment! The MACOSX-Folder is because I made the zipfile on a mac. I uploaded a new zipfile with all pixelcolumns and without the mac-folder :) Have fun with it.

HOORAY! I love your cute game. And i like the ending with the mine cart :D You choose really nice music for this asset packs :) Would love the see some more levels. Thanks again for using my assets <3

Thank you again! Sorry for the delay. Added some new tiles. Now you can make things like this:

Thanks for the hint! I added the edges.

Thanks :)

What a lovely game! Great 10 Minutes of gameplay. I hope you will expand this little masterpiece :D

Hi RogueAbyss

Thank you so much for your support. I added the vertical tiles.
Let me know if you miss something more.

Thank you for using my assets :) Played it and liked it so far. Keep on making games :)

This looks brilliant! Really good work :)

Great work! I love them! <3

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I love what you have done with the tileset! And I love the thief LOL :)
The game feels pretty nice. And the sound of the bees is amazing :D Keep up the good work :)
Greetings from Switzerland.

Fun little game :)

Hi NelsonTeixeira

Thank you for your feedback. You are right, I used the colors exactly this way.

For the screen record I used the preinstalled Xbox App on Windows 10 (Windows-Key and G). To edit the video I used Shotcut.
Hope this helps! 


The whole country suddenly becomes full of Canc's army of the undead. It is now up to Jules and his Subweapon Master Sir to fight his way through the hordes and face Canc in a finale battle in the castle. 


 In this game, inspired by retro games, you'll hop from level to level, fight against various enemies and show your skills in 6 boss fights.


  • 5 different scenarios 
  • linear level to level gameplay (6 levels)
  • reduced bit style graphics
  • three special subweapons (sword, axe, cross) 
  • 6 bossfights
  • oldschool retro gameplay

    Link to page:

Thank you! :)

Awesome! Thanks! :)

Oh, i didnt saw your comment until now! Thank you so much :)

There is now an Option to pay with credit oder debit card. Hope it helps.

Hi Monke! 
There is now an Option to pay with credit oder debit card. Hope it helps.

Thank you! :)

Thank you :)!

Hi Amanankaa
Thank you so much. I played your little demo level and left a comment on the games site. Have fun with the tileset and keep moving on with this little game :)

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Hi Amananka
This little demo is awesome! You used the tileset very well. Thx for using it and I would love to see more of this game :)! greetings from switzerland

This hero is awesome! Great job.

Hi Sketchpaper!
Thank you so much! If you want, you can post a link to your game :)

Hi Flipflop

I am so sorry. I dont know how to add another payout method. :(

Hi! Thank you so much. Have fun with it. If you want, you can show me what you have done with it :) 

very nice game!

Hi! Thank so much you! :) 

Wow nice work! License?

Absolutely wow! I love your work! I will show you my tiny game if its done ;)

perfectly! Thanks.

Hi there! Nice work. Are those loopable?

I love your music! are those all loopable?

Hi Sa Panday! Sure! I added the png-files.

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Thank you for sharing your link! Played it! Nice platformer game :)