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Hello there

I enjoyed the demo had a bunch of fun with it. Purchased me a copy of it. Great job and hope to see a physical version sometime. 

Still a huge fan of this gem. This in my mind is platforming perfection with a killer soundtrack.Not enough good things can be said about vector run.Would love to see a kickstarter some day wink wink sign me up for a limited edition transparent shell hologram label. Anyway fantastic as always.

Love it. Thank you very much for this.Ever think about doing a different game please do yars revenge

Very fun shooter 

Thank you this was a blast

Had alot of fun playing this game. Hope to see it do really well.Thank you

By far my favorite game submitted. I had alot of fun playing this.So much I had to have more and found the vetor run games . The games are sitting happily on my n8. Hope to see a physical cart someday