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Surprisingly addictive! I like it.

This game has some serious potential. The controls are fluid and innovative. There is even sequence breaking potential. My nephew spent 15 minutes trying to slip through the vertical wall grating and pulled it off! I can't wait to see the entire game!!

So good! I can't wait to play the entire thing!

thanks so much!

GB scene needs more stuff like this!

these are great! Love the style 

Thanks so much!!


it’s really great! Graphics, music and everything! It takes a lot to make this genre feel fresh but the weapons and levels bring it. 

This game has a pun resolution of at least one per screen :D

Lots of fun! Made me want to go make a nice warm cup of coffee after seeing them in game! 

thanks sir!! More are on the way!

thanks! This was a fun one!!

Super addicting! I found myself playing way longer than I planned to!

They just have ch2 and ch1 switched in some scenarios where it makes more sense for certain track not to get interrupted, they’ll sound the same until sfx play over them, at that point they should sound better. The sizes were optimized on some of them too. 

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thanks! You’re right about sfx, in fact I started making my newer packs with ch2 less important to the song, thanks for the feedback. I just uploaded an update to this where I put less 'important' song elements on ch2 so it doesn't sound weird when they get cut off by sfx.

glad to hear!

thanks! There is something unsettling about the gameboy chip NOT making much noise. 

thanks! Lots of tiny tweaks to get it there!

Thanks! There are more packs on the way!

I laughed at the box of cables (guilty) and love the cats. Such a unique game. Well done.