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Oh yeah yeah so cool ! It would have been perfect if there was a model of the blue trunk tree  with leaf ^^

Otherwise it's getting better and better :D

I was wondering if you were going to do a "sacred/holy" rpg world theme ? Like cathedrals and yellow water, etc... 

Same for a "hellish/nightmare" rpg world.

Still, i'll buy every new asset you will give us :D

I never get enough of your nice work ! :D

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As always it's very very cool !

It would be nice to get other building setup like this for other world (Maybe a marsh tribe ?) (Volcanic Rock houses) (Igloo and building like in avatar of the water tribe ?)

Also carving for a "mountain" World :D

I looking forward for every other creations, i'm counting on you ^^

Take care of you.

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Very nice asset ! 

Will you do a mountain asset to go with the cave Rpg World ? 

Or a Jungle Rpg world theme ?  A dark theme would be nice too you have made some very good in other style ^^

Thanks again for your work !

Instant buy, Dessenheim here i come ! :D

Oh my god, That's perfect. Love ya !

I have everything i needed to start, now everything else is pure bonus and lever for my creativity !

Thanks you so much !

(And if you do some lovecraft/horror/creepy dungeon it will be perfect too :D)

Bought !
As the other, it's very nice ! It will fill perfectly in my game, as said before i really hope for a volcanic theme a day ^^

An "horror" lovecraftian style would be so cool too !

Yeah, i've already made little tests and it can bend, I've tried some water animated but it's kind of complicated to blend with it.

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Hello ! Love your works, i'm gonna use it in my project MMo BeastRealm made with intersect, everything is nice (well, except the animation format for the water things ^^") .

Is this one "compatible" with Rpg world ?  I mean, it's the same king of graphics yes ? 

 I'm in dire need of a Volcano type asset and would gladly buy it if you ever do one !

Also looking for a Dream and Nightmare kind of asset, also beach like and jungle too !

Thanks again for these one !