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Nice game for a project that was made in a week or less! Did you all the 3D assets by yourself?

Keep up your work! =)

Trouble in heaven incoming! :D

good job! =)

Hey Eyon,

thank you for your feedback, I appreciate it! :)

when I make an update I will definitely think about your points. 

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This is my new game I made with Unity. It is a short game about decision making. 

How many right decisions will you make? 

Feel free to give me some feedback.

I hope you enjoy it! :)

Wonderful game, really. I'm looking forward to solve more levels. keep it up! =)

This looks amazing! I love the behavior of light/particles when they move close to the black hole.

Great job! Keep up your work! :)

Really great idea! This game is amazing! 

Keep up your work! :)

"changing the room layout itself mid level?"


"Thanks again for taking the time to comment :)"

You're welcome :)

In my opinion it is very important for a horror-game to give the player a good atmosphere. More than features or skills. You really nailed it with your first rooms.

The thing is, you have some options now:

1. You let this game be as it is, make some performance or style changes when needed and take all you've learned to the next level in a new project. Don't take the "perfection" of a game too serious. -> I would be really glad to see more games made by your team!

2. You could think about a new level of atmosphere. That could be a new behavior or property for the "enemy". For now it is something that follows the player and tries to catch him. But what is, when this enemy/monster evolves to something that plays with the players mind? Maybe the room changes into something more grotesque and challenges the player in some unexpecting way. That could offer you new ways for puzzles. Just for example :)

3. You could doing both. :D

I hope my opinion and thoughts will help you a bit ^^. 

I really like the game design :) you let the player know in a small amount of steps, what he needs to know in the next level. Just a small "beep" let me know, that some of the lasers are time limited, just for example. The art is simple but the player sees everything he needs and lets you focus on time to develop more levels and puzzles :) keep up your work! 

The interaction between this simple but beautiful art and this "mini-game" makes a very good atmosphere. I really like it and hope you will add more different "mini-games" and maybe a short story :) keep up your work.

I really like this style of art. It is not much but it gives this small game a beautiful "personality" :)