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insane, congrats

you mean if you have "=" on both sides of an equation, the left one triggers first? Didn't really consider it just happened to sort them that way

thanks for the suggestion, added

oops that's not supposed to happen, anyway i updated it so you can always move math symbols

thanks for testing different browsers, I disabled "Compression Format" in unity which will hopefully fix it

does it work in a browser on mac?

ye sorry about that, still solvable but the bug can be annoying

i love the art

banger music

thanks for the suggestion, here you go


linux build already uses openGL by default, sorry. 

(1 edit)

once a block becomes small enough it turns into a tiny rainbow block (might need to zoom in to see it)

make a block small then make it large

(2 edits)

thank you for the log files, i don't think your gpu supports directx11 which i used, i uploaded a build using openGL instead, please try that

edit: the opelGL version needed seems to require similar if not newer gpu's

please let me know if this is windows/linux/mac and if you still get the same bug without the mods folder (if you made one)

ye that's normal, just create it

o ye thanks, it's fucked on some aspect ratios my bad

what about it?

(1 edit)

you can rotate the same way you pan the camera (default: press mouse wheel and move mouse)

does nothing, just there to mark stuff if you need it, it costs $0

not at the moment

right now you can rebind mouse wheel ("Drag Map") to something else, you would still need to use trackpad while holding that button though

probably not sorry, i don't like working on UI


I have the same demo for free on steam if you want to try a non-browser version

should be live, please see my update 

I'll add it next patch.

(1 edit)

You don't have to place all the images into the sprites folder, just the ones you want to replace.
Here you go:

I'm glad you liked it <3